Android phone keeps asking to “sign-in to wifi network” – The reason

New Android phones are generally pretty reliable, but the truth is that any phone can have issues with its connectivity.

One of the most common issues that Android users have is when the network keeps asking you to “sign-in to wifi network”, which is extremely confusing – especially if you’ve already signed into the network.

Why your Android phone keeps asking you to Sign in to Wifi Network

Although it may seem like an error to be getting this message, much of the time it’s actually not.

Even though you’ve connected to the network previously, it may be using security features to make you log in again manually.

Some Wi-Fi networks may use a captive portal for added protection and IP address filtering.

This is generally to protect the network from hackers and bots, though it can be frustrating for individual users sometimes.

This means that even though you’ve been connected before, when you reconnect past a certain period you’ll be able to sign into the Wi-Fi network again – usually when 1-24 hours has passed since your original login.

So, it’s actually pretty normal to receive this message when connecting to public networks – like a university, for example.

However, if you’re continuously getting this message on a private network, there could be an issue. For some people, disabling notifications could be a solution – this will stop the notification bar from appearing completely.

Adjust your network settings

The first thing to do if you’re continually getting this message is to click into your Settings app.

Then, click into your Wi-Fi settings and see if there’s any indication of why this issue may be occurring.

This will vary on different Android devices, but usually there will be a Sign in section in your Wi-Fi tab that you can enable or disable from your Wi-Fi settings.

Toggling this option on or off will enable you to stay logged into the Wi-Fi network without having to worry about the Wi-Fi settings error coming up continually.

Check the router

Another thing that you’re going to want to check is that your Wi-Fi router is working properly, as if it’s not, this could be the cause of a potential issue with your connection.

After you connect to your Wi-Fi network and you keep getting this message, it could be an indication of an unavailability of the wifi router.

If this continues to happen, the best thing you can do is restart the Wi-Fi router. After doing this, you should be able to connect to the router without this message appearing.

Update your device

If you’re continually getting a message that you need to sign in to the Wi-Fi network, this could mean that your Android device needs to be updated.

You need run a full software update for the device, not just an individual app (like when you update the Play Store).

Updating your Android phone should be pretty easy to do within the Settings app.

If there’s an update to your operating system available, you’ll be able to do this by going into System and then System Update.

In some cases, this may be all you need to get the annoying Wifi networks error to stop appearing on your phone.

Then, after you’ve rebooted you can sign in to your Wifi network as normal.


Sometimes, the problem is attributed to a faulty routers or even your phone itself. And occasionally, these issues can be caused by hackers.

However, in most cases getting this error is actually fairly normal, and it’s designed to protect the network from users connecting to it that shouldn’t be.

For an easy solution you need the option disable accessing Wi-Fi connections. By deactivating this option you won’t get an annoying notification about logging onto an Internet connection.

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