How to see airdrop history – It is possible?

Airdrop is a very helpful and convenient app for iOS which allows the transfer of data between iOS, iPad and Mac devices.

AirDrop offers a great alternative to sharing photos and video without the need for an alternate wireless network – it utilizes Bluetooth communication to transmit information between devices.

If an iPhone or Mac user uses AirDrop for transferring files between their devices, you may want to view their history in your device later.

How can I see my AirDrop history?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as an Airdrop history. Although many users think it would make sense to have one, there is no history that you can access on Apple devices that lists all of the Airdrop files you’ve received.

Airdrop has some weaknesses like this, which means that it’s not for everyone! Keeping records of what files you sent can be the best way of tracking them, or checking the history of your downloads to determine what files that you’ve downloaded can work too.

Where do Airdrop files go?

Where your Airdrop photos go will depend on the device that you’re using at the time. If you received the files via Macbook, then anything that’s been airdropped to you will be stored on your Downloads folder. That includes photos, music or video.

However on iPhone and iPad, these airdropped files will be automatically saved to their corresponding file type.

This means that photos will be automatically saved to the Photos app, whereas your contacts will be automatically saved to your Contacts.


Airdrop allows for easy sharing of files between iPhone, iPads and Macbooks. The downloadable files sent via Airdrop go directly into your AirDrop account, and on a Mac they go into your Download folder.

But first, you need to make sure that your iPhone receives Air Drop files securely, which you can do within your iPhone settings app.

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