Why is my ping so bad on Discord? – How to fix

Discord is a popular messaging service, which has its own cross-platform application. Apps usually have something called a ‘ping’. A ping is a tool that measures the amount of time it takes for a section of data to move from your device to a server and back.

The higher the length of time, the higher the ping will be. The unit of measurement for a ping is milliseconds (aka ms).

Ideally, a ping should be quite low. A low ping means high app performance speed. An ideal ping should be less than 20ms. An average ping is less than 50ms.

Why is my ping so bad on Discord?

There are a few reasons that could be causing your ping on Discord to be so bad. A bad ping means that the ping measurement is quite high.

This means that the app is performing quite slowly, which can indicate lag. The higher the ping, the worse the performance speed.

Discord’s usual performance speed should be quite high. As a messaging platform, high performance speed is an essential quality to have.

If Discord’s performance speed is low, your ping should be fairly high. Some common reasons for a high ping in Discord include poor Wi-Fi connections, too many background applications, and server issues. We’ll now discuss some ways in which you can solve a high ping in Discord.

Step 1: Close Background Apps

If there are too many applications open in the background, they can cause your device to use up too much processing power. This may leave too little power for Discord to use, which results in poor performance quality and a bad ping.

It’s best to avoid having too many apps open simultaneously in case it negatively affects performance quality. Try closing all your background apps to see if it improves Discord’s ping.

You can use the Task Manager to close all your background applications. There are two main methods for accessing the Task Manager.

You can open the Task Manager by pressing Windows-key + X, and clicking the ‘Task Manager’ option.

Or, you can press Ctrl + Alt + Delete, and select the ‘Task Manager’ option. This method is especially useful for when your device is frozen.


Once you’ve opened the Task Manager, a list of your currently active applications should be displayed.

To close an application, click on it. Then, select the ‘end task’ option in the bottom right corner. Repeat this step for other relevant applications.

This is usually unrelated to getting the rate limited message in Discord, which is typically caused by sending too many messages within a short timeframe.

After you’ve closed any background apps, make sure to activate Hard Acceleration in your settings too. There’s also a few other things you can do to fix Discord ping.

Step 2: Use Stable Version of Discord

There exist three versions of the Discord application, which consist of Stable, PTB, and Canary. PTB is the beta version of the app, whilst Canary is the alpha version of the app.

These are more experimental versions that allow users to help Discord test out new features before their official release in the Stable version of the app.

Due to their experimental nature, PTB and Canary can be prone to issues and errors. This can decrease performance quality, and result in a bad ping. If you’re currently using either the PTB or Canary version of Discord, try switching to the Stable version to see if it improves Discord’s ping.

You can download the Stable version of Discord by going to discord.com/download.

Select the right download link for your device to begin downloading the Stable version.

Step 3: Check Internet Connection

If your internet connection is unstable or slow, it can cause Discord to experience loading issues. This can greatly decrease performance speed, which results in a bad ping. Your internet connection may be poor for a variety of reasons.

There may an issue with your router, your internet broadband, or your location may be undergoing some construction work. If it’s the latter, there’s not much you can do but wait until the construction is finished. It may take a few days.

If the problem lies with your router, try restarting your router. To restart it, simply turn it off and turn it on again, as this can often fix a poor internet connection.

If the problem lies with your internet broadband, try waiting a few days for any issues to be resolved. You can check whether your internet broadband is experiencing issues by going to https://downdetector.co.uk/.

Search for your broadband, click on it. There should be a graph showcasing recent outage reports for the broadband. If there’s an abnormally high amount of reports, your broadband is likely experiencing issues.


Discord ping issues are often actually nothing to do with Discord itself. However, it could be that you high Discord ping is caused by the Discord server themselves.

Step 4: Check Discord Server

If Discord’s servers are currently experiencing issues, it can negatively affect Discord’s performance quality. Poor performance speed results in a bad ping. There’s no need to delete your Discord server though, as usually you can fix the issue or wait for it to resolve.

Discord undergoes regular maintenance to ensure that it’s running smoothly. When Discord undergoes maintenance, its servers are usually down.

Discord can also undergo emergency maintenance if the platform suddenly encounters a problem. You can check whether Discord’s servers are down by going to discordstatus.com.

If the website states ‘All Systems Operational’, there should be no issues with Discord’s servers.

If there is a problem with Discord’s servers, you can only wait until the servers are up and running again. Any server problems should be fixed quite quickly. Try waiting a few hours before checking the website again.


In conclusion, your ping on Discord may be bad due to a series of reasons. Your internet connection may be poor, or you may have too many applications open.

If so, try restarting your router, or closing your background applications. Make sure you have a stable Wi-Fi connection, and sufficient processing power for Discord. These will ensure that Discord’s performance speed is high, which can improve its ping.

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