Why is my iPhone battery icon yellow?

Why do my batteries on my iPhones appear yellow? This is a pretty frequently asked question by many iPhone users, and it’s a fair one at it’s not a commonly known thing.

Though it’s typically green, occasionally the icon appears white or yellow on the iPhone. Here’s the reason why your battery icon has turned yellow, as well as what you can do to fix it.

Why is my iPhone battery yellow?

If your iPhone battery turns yellow, your device has switched into low power mode. This is a feature that’s been added that is intended to give you a little extra iPhone battery life until you can put your phone on charge again.

When your battery levels drop to 20%, your battery icon will automatically switch from a green icon to a yellow battery icon.

If you don’t activate low power mode, the colour becomes red, until you eventually run out of battery life.

Is it safe for your iPhone battery to remain yellow?

It’s not an issue for your iPhone to go into lower power mode – it won’t have any long term effect on your phone’s battery life.

This has been specifically added to newer iPhone, as it’s intended to be useful for people who have an iPhone with a low battery life.

Benefits of low power mode

Although low-power mode isn’t available on older models of iPhone, it was added several years ago to the new iOS as it’s a very easy way to save battery.

If you plan on traveling in the remote areas, then you could use an iPhone battery to extend battery life. So it serves you longer without needing recharged.

Other Amazing Ways to Save Your iPhone Battery

In addition to simply charging your iPhone, there are other ways that you can increase the battery capacity of your iPhone long term. This can help you stop your iPhone shutting off with battery life left.

Most of these methods can easily be used and immediately give you more battery life on your iPhone.

Clear Background Apps

If you leave all of your apps running in the background on your iPhone, this can have a dramatic effect on your battery life.

The good news is that you can easily close the apps that are running in the background by double tapping the Home button.

You can then swipe to the right to remove all of the apps from your device. This will help to improve the overall battery life of your iPhone, both short and long term.

Low network speed

Making sure that you are connected to a high speed internet connection is another way to ensure that you maintain a good connection.

If you’re not connected to the internet properly, your iPhone battery can struggle in trying connect, therefore using more battery than necessary.

Avoid high heat levels

If you allow your iPhone temperature to rise, this can have a negative effect on your battery in the long term.

Over time, this can make your phone battery go into low power mode much quicker than it usually would.

So, try to ensure that you don’t have your iPhone battery in hot temperature to avoid this becoming an issue.

Optimized charging mode

When you charge your phone, it’s a good idea to try and charge it to fully charged when you do.

Doing this can ensure that your battery icon will always stay full as opposed to reaching low power mode.

Restart the phone twice a week

Although not the most scientific method, many people are stuck in the bait of restarting their smartphone at least once or twice a week.

The reason for this is that it essentially closes down all of the functions on your device and allows you to start from scratch, which can save battery life.

Remove widgets

Though widgets can be extremely handy having quick access to information from your home screen, they can drain your battery much quicker than usual.

Simply getting rid of the widgets on your home screen can boost your battery level significantly.

Use dark mode

Using dark mode on your iPhone can actually use less power than your iPhone normally would.

Although this may not have a dramatic effect, it can be another way to get a longer battery life without having your phone automatically switch into low power mode.


In conclusion, the most likely scenario is that your phone has low battery life. When the battery icon turns yellow, this indicates you are using low power mode.

The feature has been added to newer versions of iOS to support longer battery usage. Once your battery reaches 20%, the phone will automatically turn low power mode on to help save you battery.

You will see a notification again after the 10% mark, but hopefully the low power mode will help your phone’s battery survive until you can recharge it.

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