Why Is My Google Review Not Showing? We Have The Answer

Google reviews are great, they’ve been used or many, many years now for the betterment of both companies and users alike. Running a great company? Well, here’s a load of testimonials from customers who loved your business. Maybe you’re on the user end, are you looking for a restaurant in the area for dinner this weekend? Well, you can use Google to find nearby restaurants and then use the Google reviews to see if it’s the sort of place you’d like to go.

This is great, the not to known factors though is that there are a wide range of different scenarios and lines of code that cause the reviews in question to be seen.

Today we’re going to look at what we can do if our review isn’t showing. Let’s have a look…

Why is my Google review not showing? The cause

Let’s say you’ve just left a review of a local restaurant as we mentioned above, this is one of the most common types of reviews done. It’s great for helping local businesses if you had a good meal there and maybe you had a particularly helpful waiter, so you chose to leave a review recommending the place. Awesome, vice versa you may have a terrible time and are leaving a review to warn people about the potential issues.


Next, you come to search the restaurant the next day to see if you had any responses to your review or perhaps want to see if anything has been done about your review. But the review isn’t there…

Well, the main cause for this is going to be google themselves, essentially there is a program which filters reviews and removes them if they go against certain conditions. Most commonly of these is if you have a link within the review… NO LINKS… I’m guessing this is because Google doesn’t want to be held responsible for any malicious links that users post. I have no idea why anyone would post these links but maybe it’s virus which steals back details so Google just full banned them.

Let’s have a look at what else could be the problem…


This is essentially to stop companies from getting free advertising and there’s a few things that will remove the reviews if Google thinks this is happening. Firstly if the company is offering some sort of benefit to those who are leaving reviews. If the company for example says that you will get a 20% discount if you leave a review, then your review may be removed at any time if Google finds out. I have no idea how they would find out but it’s against their rules so the review would be removed.

Secondly, if you work at the company your review will also be removed, essentially it would be in your interest to write a good review for a company that you work at and therefore may be not be entirely honest. So goodbye review. With how google accounts work and how integrated they are in both our browsers and our mobile devices they will likely find out if you have any affiliation with the business. A little scary…

Plagiarism and general trickery

This is again to do with Google essentially finding that the company has been using some way of artificially improving their reviews. For example if there is a small restaurant from a fairly rural village Google will probably look with a suspicious eye if they have a thousand reviews from the other side of the world and three locally. This would indicate that the company has likely paid for these reviews rather than them being genuine so they may be removed.

Another sign for Google would be if that review has essentially been copy and pasted. This may work in some areas of the internet, but Google does not like it. Honestly, there’s been so many reviews left across the entirety of the internet I’d be surprised if two people hadn’t accidentally written the same review, so if your review randomly got removed this may actually be it…


Other reasons

There is a fairly large list of these so I’ll list of some of the less common reasons here:

  • Multiple reviews to the same business. Google will track the IP address of reviews and remove multiple reviews left from the same PC.
  • New account. If the account is new and potentially made just to make a review the review may be removed
  • Review bot. A review bot is essentially a bot that’s been leaving reviews on multiple companies and has been removed.


In conclusion there are a lot of reason for reviews not appearing. Almost all of them are in fact because of Google trying to remove false reviews, this can be accidentally remove reviews if the system flags you unintentionally but for the most part this shouldn’t be a problem if you are leaving a genuine review or have seen a genuine review on your business.

It’s also worth noting that reviews have occasionally been removed because of an outage on Google’s end where they will essentially have not saved the review. In this case you should have no problem re-doing the review and it should work once again. This is incredibly rare but can occur.

We hope this article has helped you understand why reviews may be removed, thanks for reading!

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