Why doesn’t my iPhone vibrate when I get a text?

All phones have a vibrating mode, but iPhone users may notice that their device doesn’t start vibrating when it should.

This alert is important, especially if you like to have your device on silent mode with just a vibration.

To be sure that your phone vibrates, we’re going to run through the main troubleshooting techniques you can use to get your iPhone vibration motor working as it should.

Test Your iPhone’s Vibration Motor

Before we get started, it’s always a good idea to check that it’s the vibration setting not working, and not something to do with your settings configuration.

So, we can test the vibration by simply switching the silent button on the side of your iPhone off.

When you do this, you should feel your iPhone vibration, as this will essentially switch you into silent mode or vibrate mode.

If you do, then you can be sure your vibration motor is fine, and it’s your settings that are the issue.

But if not, then you may have an issue with the vibration engine, also known as the Taptic engine.

This is unlikely as it’s a rare problem, but if it is broken, you’ll have to send your phone to Apple so they can fix it themselves (fixing it yourself is hard work!).

In most cases though, you can resolve your iPhone not vibrating by adjusting your iPhone settings.

Reboot Your iPhone

As with many technical phone issues, the very first thing that you should do is restart your device.

It’s normal for mobile phones to have issues every now and then, and restarting your smartphone may solve the vibration issue without having to do much.

Once you’ve restarted the iPhone, you can head to your Settings app to determine whether the issue has been fixed. What this does is clear the cached data on your iPhone, which could be causing the vibrate issue you’re having.

If not, you can try another method to fix your smartphone vibrating problem.

Turn On Vibration In Accessibility Settings

Something else that you definitely need to check if you’re finding that your iPhone vibration isn’t triggering is your accessibility settings.

This is crucial, as if vibration is disabled in accessibility settings, you won’t get the notification even if it works properly.

You can do this by;

  1. First, going into your Settings.
  2. Next, select Accessibility.
  3. Now, tap touch.
  4. Finally, use the Turn Off toggle.

Once you’ve done this, try and use the Silent Switch on the side of your iPhone again to detect whether there’s a vibration.

Reset All Settings

If you don’t want to play around with your Settings, you can actually just completely restore them back to default.

This is the quickest way to ensure that an incorrect setting isn’t the reason why your phone won’t vibrate.

You can reset all settings by simply going to Settings > General > Reset. Bear in mind that this will reset all of the settings on your device, so you may need to make some adjustments afterwards.

Ensure Your Device is updated

A common way you can fix iPhone issues is to ensure that you’re updated to the latest version of iOS.

When your operating system is outdated, you can start having small issues and bugs with your device – this potentially includes a lack of vibration when receiving text messages and phone calls.

Fortunately, it’s very easy to go ahead and update your iPhone when you’ve got a Wi-Fi connection. Make sure to do this, and then test whether you get haptic feedback when receiving a call or text message.

You’re connected to an Apple Watch

Something that many iPhone users miss is that when your iPhone is connected to your Apple watch, by default it won’t behave in the same way.

Even if your device is in Ring mode, if it’s locked then it may not vibrate when you receive an incoming call or notification. This is because your Apple Watch will vibrate and ring instead.

If you want to fix this, you can enable vibration from within the settings app on your iPhone. Enabling the vibration option is a good idea if you want to ensure you receive notifications.

Take Off Your Phone Case

Some iPhone users have reported an issue with a lack of vibration on their iPhone when they’ve been using a case or wallet cover for their device.

This is more likely to be the case if you have a magnetic case around your phone. When you remove the magnetic cover of your iPhone, the vibration starts working as it should.

So, try removing the accessories that are surrounding your smartphone to see whether this is why your phone will not vibrate.


In conclusion, there can be a couple of different reasons why you may not get your notification vibration on your iPhone.

These can usually be fixed fairly simply, but in some rare circumstances, you may have to head to the Apple store to get things fixed.

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