Why cant I post on Instagram? – The reason

Instagram allows its users to post photos on the platform, but unfortunately this feature doesn’t always work as well as it should. This can be for a variety of different reasons depending on the device that you’re using.

Fortunately, this is often easy enough to fix. Here’s what you can do if you find that your Instagram app won’t let you upload a phone.

How to Fix Instagram Not Letting You Post

The main reasons that you can’t post to your Insta account are usually internet problems, technical trouble or sometimes account issues. Most often there’s an issue with your internet, so you should check your connection before anything else.

It can also be down to your account, the size of the photo you’re trying to upload, and a variety of other things too. It could be down to the Instagram servers, but unfortunately there’s not much you can do in that scenario aside from wait for them to fix the issue.

Though if the Instagram servers are fine, you should be able to solve the problem yourself. Let’s run through the most common reasons why this may happen.

Check Your Internet Connection

When you’re having issues with the apps on your phone, this is often the first thing that you should look to do. And if you can’t upload a photo, this could mean your Wi-Fi connection is weak, or there’s an issue with your mobile data.

Fortunately, this is usually an easy thing to fix. Ensuring your phone is connected to the internet, and that internet connection is working as it should, will resolve this issue in the majority of cases.

You’ve been banned from posting photos or videos

There’s also a chance that you may be banned from posting pictures on Instagram. This temporary ban on an Instagram account will stop you from being able to upload pictures or videos.

This happens as a result of your violation of the Instagram terms of service. It usually lasts for 3 days, and if this happens, there’s nothing you can do aside from wait for the ban to pass.

Instagram Not Processing Photos

If Instagram cannot process your photographs, then you won’t be able to upload them to your account. This is often because the photos and videos are too large to be uploaded to your Instagram profile.

When you’re having this problem with your picture size, the only thing you can do is reduce the file size down so it’s suitable for Instagram. The maximum that you can upload to your Instagram account is 5MB, so ensure that your images are less than this before uploading.

This can also cause an issue with your Instagram videos being stuck on sending, so make sure your vids are the right size too.

Clear Instagram cache memory

Cache memory can stop the Instagram application from being able to perform routine tasks, which includes your ability to upload photos and video to the app.

When an individual deletes the app cache on Instagram, the problem often will resolve. Cache storage holds information – fortunately, you can clear this by;

  • First, going into the Settings on your Instagram app.
  • Then, tap Security.
  • Next, selecting the option to Clear your Search History.
  • Finally, confirm this with the Clear All option.

This can often resolve the issue, as it’ll remove any cache memory that’s saved on your device.

Change Instagram Data Setting

The IG data usage restriction limits how frequently you can use the app, and can sometimes cause an issue when you’re trying to post pictures.

Raising your limits will help you avoid problems, and this can be done by first going into your Settings, and then into Cellular Data Use. Make sure this is set to Default to ensure that app works properly.

Free Up Storage on Your iPhone or Android

If the phone doesn’t have enough space, this can create a problem with uploading photos on the Instagram app.

A lack of space on your device can usually be resolved pretty easily by deleting all of the files that you no longer need.

Uninstall Instagram or Update Instagram

Instagram may be having problems with the current version you’ve got installed on your phone. As a last resort, you can determine whether this is the case by updating the app from within the App Store or the Play Store on your phone.

You can also consider simply deleting the Instagram app from your device and then re-installing this. This will ensure the cache is cleared, and you’ll download the latest version of the Instagram app too.


In conclusion, there’s a variety of different reasons why you can’t post photos or videos on your Instagram app.

Running through all of the above should allow you to find a solution to the issue, so you can get back to uploading photos of your endeavours.

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