Can I tell who viewed my Facebook profile recently?

Facebook has quickly become not just one of the biggest social media sites in the world but one of the biggest companies as whole. In fact, some aren’t aware of this, but Facebook owns Instagram, another big social media site and Whatsapp, one of the biggest messaging apps. Honestly Facebook seems to be taking over a bit…

Besides worrying about the potential of Facebook taking over the world we sometimes wonder who’s viewing our profiles… Are the parent’s keeping tabs on us or is our boss checking we were really ill when we said we were…

So, can you tell if someone has checked your profile? That’s what we’re going to discuss today…

Can I tell who viewed my Facebook profile recently? The Answer

This is something that people have been wanting for a long time; since the first time I made an account, I remember people asking about whether they could tell who was browsing their profile. Numerous reasons for this of course, usually just whether or not your friends saw your post and didn’t like it… Outrageous, I know…

So, is it possible? No, I’m afraid not.


Why doesn’t Facebook allow this?

I would like to discuss however the reason that Facebook hasn’t added this feature. It seems that many believe it’s probably got something to do with, well, stress and anxiety. Seems odd I know, but with how many users of Facebook are the younger audience a simple miss click onto someone’s profile might have them worried that some stranger is looking at your profile and it just sounds a bit uncomfortable really.

You can of course block people seeing your profile who aren’t your friends but Facebook decided that it’s best to just keep the feature away and not lead to any unnecessary frustration and/or confusion.

What can you do to tell who’s visiting your profile?

Without having a distinct section for people visiting your profile there are a few ways you can tell who’s checking out your stuff. This is primarily going to be seeing who is interacting with posts you’re making or any form of content you are putting out there.

If you make a post, then those who are either liking or commenting are going to be those are likely to be the ones visiting your profile the most. This is the extent at which we can tell really.

While limited it is intentional, primarily done because people generally feel a bit more comfortable when their browsing habits aren’t broadcast to the world.

What about Facebook business?

Facebook business has a feature that can do this to some extent. The feature is called insights, it’s used for businesses only and can track certain statistics about your audience and visitors to your page.

Insights is something that you can get too by going to your business page then selecting the insights tab, this will open the insights menu and provide you with a wide range of different statistics to be analysed.

The first place to check is going to be your demographics. Here we can see stats such a age, gender, education levels, even relationship status. Useful for many facets of marketing getting to know your customers is always a nice bonus especially when it comes to ads you may be running, not only on Facebook but if Facebook gives a good indication as to who your primary audience is then you can manage all your marketing efforts to better speak to that average customer you found through the insights.

What social medias can you check profile views?

The other big social medias generally follow Facebook with this one, besides interactions with content it is very uncommon that you can see who has viewed your profile. Take Instagram for example, maybe this is because Facebook owns Instagram, but they have the same philosophy. You can’t view who has seen your Instagram profile, you are limited to just seeing who is interacting with your posts via comments and like.

One social media that you can see profile views is Linkedin, this is primarily because it is more of a networking and business based social media so seeing potential employers on employees who are browsing your content is likely a benefit to the vast majority of users.


In conclusion you cannot directly see who has viewed your profile in the form of a list of recent visits. You can tell who is interacting with your profile however via likes and comments on any posts you do.

For businesses there is a little more functionality in the form of Facebook insights which are a way of tracking not specific users but the general characteristics of your visitors to aid with marketing primarily. Your insights showing you primarily attract people in their mid 30’s? Time to aim marketing towards them and speak to your main customers directly!

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