Where is the clipboard on my iPhone?

The clipboard on an iPhone makes the whole process of writing and sending texts much easier. By using the clipboard, you can easily copy and paste useful answers, images or whatever else is in the text field.

Though some users say that they cannot find their iPhone clipboard, or that it doesn’t seem to be stored where it should be.

For the most part, the copy and paste function works as it should. However, you need to know how you can find and access the clipboard on iPhone to be able to use it.

How to access the clipboard on iPhone

The answer is that you actually can’t see the clipboard on iPhone – it’s inbuilt into the software of your device. This means that you can’t access clipboard text to see what the clipboard has stored when you copy something.

The clipboard on your phone cannot be visible, and the default option means that you cannot see what is stored. This is just how Apple’s ecosystem works – it can be a good thing, as the clipboard has virtual memory.

However, it can also be annoying, as Apple uses a universal clipboard across your devices. That means if you store text on your iPhone clipboard, you can then paste it on your iPad or Macbook. Cool, but it can be frustrating at times.

Nevertheless, there are a few ways that you can get around this and use the clipboard temporarily to identify what you’ve stored. Your smartphone offers a number of tools for cutting, copying and pasting.

But, you don’t get to edit clipboards with your mobile phone – here’s what to do if you need to see your clipboard on iPhone.

Paste into the Notes app

The easiest way for someone to see what they have saved to their clipboard on iPhone is to post it into Notes.

You can open your Notes application for iOS pretty easily – you could use an alternative like Evernote or Google Notes if you want too.

All you need to do is select the paste option on your iPhone, which will paste whatever you have saved onto your clipboard – you’ll then be able to see what’s copied on your clipboard.

Although this is the easiest way to see your copied clipboard, you can also do this by downloading a new application.

Use third-party apps

There are various different apps that you can download that will give you a new way to use your iPhone clipboard. One of these is Clip+, which is the most well known app that allows you to save your clipboard history.

You can easily allow the app to manage clipboards, and it can be used for snippet creation for iOS and Android devices. The Clipboard Clip+ app allows not only the copying of your copy, but it also allows you to save everything that you’ve used the clipboard for over time too.

There are also a whole host of other features in the app that make it very versatile, which includes a variety of shortcuts, share extensions and much more.

And, it’s one of the best ways to see what’s saved to your clipboard on your iPhone too.

Use Shortcuts

Another potential alternative is to use the Shortcut app for iPhone or iPad and then select Gallery on your device.

Here, you can find the clipboard and view what’s on it by clicking into the clipboard tab. This is an easy way for you to run shortcuts on your device.

Custom shortcuts allow the user to quickly documents on the clipboard quickly, and the ShortCuts iPhone app allows for this too.


In conclusion, the content that is saved to your clipboard can then be pasted wherever you like. But if you switch off your device or your iPhone keeps shutting off, your clipboard won’t save when you switch your device back on.

Unfortunately, there is no way to see your copy paste history on an iPhone, so you can only see what is currently saved to your clipboard. You can’t see your history as easily on Apple devices like you can with Windows.

On Mac, you can use an app like CopyClip, which is similar to the Clip+ app and has a database of the most recent 25 clipboards you’ve saved on your computer. You can have a clipboard that is copyable from your menus.

Hopefully, this tutorial about saving clipboard data on iPhones and then pasting it or saving it for later has been helpful!

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