Where do audio files save on iPhones?

You use your iPhone to send texts, images and audio files too. However, many users end up losing those audio files, as they’re not quite sure where they are stored on an iPhone.

The good thing about iPhones is that they allow for fast transmission of files between devices, but it’s easy to lose those audio files. We’re going to look at how you can find lost audio messages on your iOS device.

Where do audio files save on your iPhone?

If you’re having an iMessage conversation with someone and they send you an audio file, it won’t automatically save elsewhere on your iPhone.

You have to save the message manually by holding down your finger on the message itself, which will bring up the Save option on your device.

If you don’t do this within a certain timeframe, the message may not available. You can go into your Settings and then Message to adjust your settings and make sure that your messages don’t expire.

There are a few other ways that you may want to save audio messages to your iPhone via different methods.

Where can I find Airdrop files on my iPhone?

When people ask where their audio files go on iPhone, they’re often referred to files that they’ve received via Airdrop.

Airdrop files are saved to an app – the app that’s associated with the file type, not necessary your files.

For instance, if it is an iTunes file and it fits into your playlist, it will automatically be saved in your Music folder.

Other types of content can be saved automatically in Photos if it’s a photo, or Videos if it’s a video, and your phone numbers will be saved in phone numbers.

When sending an Airdrop message, confirm its format and check its location. Apple programming this file automatically saves mp3s in Music.

If the song has not entered its music folder, your iPhone may be unable to accept that file.

How can I find my Voicemail audio files?

The frustrating thing about iPhones is that different files will be saved in different folders.

If you have a voicemail left for you, then you’ll need to manually move save from your Phone tab in the application – click into the Phone app on your iPhone and scroll down to the specific voicemail you want to save.

You can then tap the voicemail to bring it up, and you’ll see the save icon. You can use the Save icon to save audio messages on your device pretty easily, but it won’t automatically save audio messages until you do this.

Once the item is found you can save it to another place – most people will save it in the Files section of their iPhone.

Then, you can easily relocate it next time by going straight to your Files location – renaming each file when you do this is a good idea too.

Where Do Audio Files in WhatsApp Save On iPhone?

Whatsapp won’t save audio files to your Files folder automatically. So, you may ask how does one download the WhatsApp recordings from an iOS smartphone?

Typically, the audio file is only accessible on the message thread on WhatsApp, where the message was received.

Find some easy ways to export WhatsApp voice file from an iPhone – to do this, you can do through the chat in WhatsApp.

Then, when you find the audio message file that you want to save, press down on it and pick the locations you want to save the file to.

Where Do Audio Files in Voice Memo Save On iPhone?

Another way that you can quickly make an audio message on your iPhone is by using the Voice Memo app.

Using the voice memo feature on the iPhone will automatically save those Voice Memos to your Voice memos apps – they won’t be saved elsewhere on your phone.

You’ll then be met with a list of all of the Voice Memos that you’ve made whilst using the app.

Exporting voice messages using the Notes app

Ultimately, storing or recording voice messages in the Messages app may not be the right answer you are looking for.

How can one make sure that they keep a saved audio file from messages in Messages app? The easiest way to do this quickly is to save the voice message in your Notes app, which will allow you to re-listen to the voice messages later.

Fortunately, this is very easy to do. You can start by holding down your finger on the voice message for a few seconds, and then selecting Copy. Using Copy will save the message to a clipboard.

Then, open up your Notes app and hit paste. This will then save the audio message in your Notes, so you can listen to is again later.


When someone sends you audio messages, you know that you’ll find on your smartphones somewhere, as you want to store important audio messages in an encrypted format. However, knowing exactly where they’re saved isn’t that easy.

How do you know where my audio files are stored? It really varies depending on the method used to send and receive the message. iMessage audio files usually expire after a time unless you specify the other thing.

In comparison, a WhatsApp audio message may be viewed within the app, and then downloaded to your files separately if needed.

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