What Percentage Does eBay Take?

In the thriving online marketplaces landscape, eBay stands as a pioneer and a giant. From collectibles to brand new items, the platform houses an extensive variety of products attracting millions of buyers and sellers worldwide.

The thriving ecosystem, however, comes with its own cost which manifests in the form of various fees. As a seller, understanding the financial anatomy of transactions on eBay is crucial to maintaining a profitable venture.

A prime component of this anatomy is understanding the percentage eBay takes from sales.

This article delves into the various fees, focusing on what percentage does eBay take and how it impacts a seller’s bottom line.

What Percentage Does eBay Take?

When a seller lists an item and it sells, eBay charges a percentage of the final sale price. This is known as the Final Value Fee (FVF).

The FVF is essentially eBay’s commission, and it’s crucial for sellers to factor this into their pricing strategy.

Final Value Fees

Final Value Fees are contingent on the sale price of the item, the category of the item, and whether or not the seller has a store on eBay.

On average, the FVF is about 10-12% of the final sale price. However, it can range from 3.5% to as high as 14.35% depending on the aforementioned variables.

  • Categories: Different categories have different fee percentages. For instance, musical instruments and gear have a fee of 3.5% for any amount up to $1,000. Contrastingly, Books, DVDs, Movies, and Music categories have a fee of 12%.
  • Store Owners: eBay store subscribers enjoy reduced Final Value Fees compared to non-store sellers. The FVF for store owners typically ranges between 4% to 9.15%.

Fee Caps

eBay also implements fee caps which could significantly reduce the percentage if you are selling high-priced items.

For most categories, the fee cap is $750, meaning no matter how high the sale price, the Final Value Fee will not exceed $750.

Shipping Charges

Interestingly, the Final Value Fee applies not only to the sale price but also to the shipping charges.

Therefore, sellers need to consider the total cost to the buyer when calculating the FVF.

Insertion Fees

Besides the Final Value Fee, sellers may encounter Insertion Fees. These are the charges to list an item on eBay.

Usually, sellers get 200 free listings per month, post which a fee of $0.35 is charged per listing.

Navigating eBay’s Fee Structure

Given the varied fee structure, navigating through eBay’s charges can initially seem like a daunting task.

However, with a thorough understanding and some practical experience, it becomes manageable.

Pricing Strategy

Adjust your pricing strategy to account for eBay’s fees. Ensure your selling price covers the Final Value Fee, Insertion Fee (if any), and still leaves room for a decent profit margin.

Using Fee Calculators

eBay fee calculators are a useful tool to preemptively ascertain the charges on a particular sale. This can be a handy asset in planning your pricing and estimating your earnings.

Opting for an eBay Store

If you are planning to sell on eBay long-term, consider subscribing to an eBay store. The reduced Final Value Fees can lead to significant savings over time.


eBay remains a lucrative platform for selling a wide range of products. By gaining a clear understanding of what percentage does eBay take and how its fee structure operates, sellers can better position themselves for success.

Remember, a wise pricing strategy and the utilization of available tools like fee calculators can greatly aid in navigating through eBay’s fee labyrinth, ensuring a rewarding selling experience.

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