What is Tinder Noonlight?

Tinder is a great dating app, and it allows you the freedom to meet up with a wide array of different people in your chose location.

However, it’s also important to be aware that many of these people are strangers.

Though most dates go swimmingly, there’s also a chance that your date won’t go exactly as planned.

This is where the Noonlight app comes in, with new safety features that can give you more safety when using online dating apps.

What Does Protected By Noonlight On Tinder Mean?

Tinder added the “Noonlight” functionality to its dating app several years ago now, and it’s turned out to be extremely useful.

With tens of millions of installations and thousands of users activating the app, it’s helped to keep many users safe by reporting crime as and when it happens.

Noonlight is an additional application that lets users basically create a timeline of events, which can be used to protect themselves from others.

A user can activate Noonlight when they feel that they’re in danger by simply pressing a button on their phone. It’s essentially a panic button for your mobile.

This will immediately contact emergency services for people who feel they are at risk.

You can use Noonlight’s timeline feature to enter all of your details that may be valuable to emergency services beforehand.

When you activate Noonlight, it will use your location data as well as your information to let emergency services know where to find you.

This can help make people feel safer when they’re going on an initial date with a new match.

Is Tinder Noonlight safe?

Tinder has made a huge effort to help provide a safe environment for their users, with Noonlight being a big part of this.

It allows users to meet others on Tinder, and then communicate with others if they have an issue on the platform.

Noonlight is a separate application, but many Tinder users find that it helps where making you feel secure is concerned – that extra level of security can make a difference when it comes to online dating apps.

Is there a UK alternative for Noonlight?

At the time of writing, Noonlight is only available in the US, where it has millions of users. It isn’t yet available in other countries across the globe.

There are currently no alternatives for UK users that integrate as fluidly with the Tinder app.

We’ll keep an eye out and update this when Noonlight becomes available for UK users as well as US users.


Everyone should feel safe when casually dating others, but unfortunately that isn’t always the case.

Whilst most dates are fine, there may be odd occasions where you feel unsafe, like if your match turns out to be a catfish.

This is where personal safety apps like Noonlight come in, as they can help to ensure your safety when you meet up with other Tinder users.

The safety app has been partnered with the Match group, so we may see it rolled out more with other dating apps soon to ensure the safety of daters globally.

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