What editing app do YouTubers use?

YouTube has become one of the biggest websites on the planet. Everyone knows it and everyone uses it. A large portion of people, myself included use it daily in fact. Whether we’re looking at funny videos or looking up cooking tutorials it’s safe to say YouTube has become the power house of video entertainment on the web.

YouTube works on a basis where anyone can make an account, uploads videos and see your subscribers increase as long as you’re posting useful and relevant content. It is essentially a community website where the company makes money from the adverts which go on the videos.

A great system and a clearly very successful website. The good part about all this, is that YouTube creators essentially get a cut of the ad revenue that YouTube makes from the adverts on their videos. The better the videos do, the better YouTube does and the better the creator does.

So, there’s a clear incentive for the creator to make some great content. But how do we make videos? Well, we make videos with editing software. So, let’s have a look at which software’s are offering what.

What editing app do YouTubers use?

There are a number of editing software programs that YouTubers use, the bigger YouTubers even have editors that do this for them, working as a team to get the best videos out as soon as possible.

So, whether you’re making some videos just for fun or you’re looking to start your content creator career then we need to choose the right software. We’ve got a list here of the different software’s and which one may be best for you. This will depend on your level of experience, whether you’re ok paying a subscription and also a touch of personal preference.

Let’s have a look…

Adobe Premiere Elements

As the name suggests this editing software was produced by Adobe, one of the biggest software companies out there as you may recognise them from there other products such as Adobe Reader and Adobe Photoshop.

As an editing software Adobe Premiere Elements is great for beginners and the recommendation for beginners by many. It is a simplified version of the more extensive editing software’s and is a great way to learn as well as still produce great results. They even offer guided edits so you can learn within the program itself.

As this is a more basic program than others it’s also ideal for those who are not needing a huge amount of editing on their videos. Blogs for example need only minor editing compared to some of the more complex projects out there.

Finally, there are automation tools within the program to further make editing as simple as possible.

Final Cut Pro X

Next, we’re looking at Final Cut Pro X, this software was developed by Apple so I’m sure you can quite accurately guess that it is very well made. This is a much more sophisticated program than the more entry level software of Adobe Premiere Elements. Because of this the software itself comes with a number of benefits.

An immense list of plug ins, effects, and tools from leading developers are included with Final Cut Pro X, including object tracker mode, allowing you too match title and effects to objects or even people’s faces. The program is full of features similar to this and is a notable step up from the software beginners will use.


Adobe Premiere Pro

Finally, we have Adobe Premiere Pro, this is essentially the big brother to Adobe Premiere Elements. This is basically the full version of the program with the training wheels off as it were.

This version is aimed at professional editors and is likely the best software out there. That does depend on what you are using the software for of course as the Adobe Premier Pro program is able to do near anything in the realms of possibility when it comes to editing but if you are not looking for such a sophisticated program then other options will prove to be far less complex and confusing.

One of the many features included is a seamless integration with other Adobe programs, Photoshop for example can be used to produce images and then they can be easily imported into Adobe Premiere Pro.


In conclusion, the various programs used for editing YouTube videos is extensive, but the ones mentioned in this article are the 3 most prevalent. It must be said that Adobe Premiere Pro is the industry standard and the go to for most editors. As for the other options Final Cut Pro X is considered an alternative that can be used if you do not particularly like Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Premiere Elements is great for those who are either starting out or not needing complex software.

We hope this article has helped you understand the different editing apps used by YouTubers.

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