What does Boom mean on Bumble?

Bumble is still one of the first dating apps you should download if you’re looking to get into the dating scene.

And though Bumble will help you find a relationship the additional features they release can be confusing.

One terminology that confuses Bumble users is “Boom”, with many wondering what exactly Boom means when it comes to Bumble.

Why does Bumble say Boom?

Sometimes when you swipe right on another person on the Bumble app, a message will appear on your display saying “boom”.

This is simply a match notification – the app will say “Boom” whenever you’ve found a new match on Bumble. So, it’s generally considered to be a good thing.

Bumble allows you to message other people on the platform, but only when you’ve both liked each other first.

After this, the woman is allowed to send a message first to the guy – he then has 24 hours to respond, otherwise the two will be unmatched from one another.

But before this can happen, a match – or a Boom – needs to occur.

Swiping Left & Right on Bumble

Bumble is similar to most other dating apps when it comes to matching users with each other.

You simply swipe left if you’re not interested in the other person, and swipe right if you are interested in them.

If you do decide to swipe left, then that person won’t be notified. And even if you swipe right, the other person may not be notified unless;

They have Bumble Premium and can see who likes them.

They swipe right on you which results in a match on Bumble.

It’s then on the woman to make the first move, which is sending a message to the other use.

Can I message after getting the Boom notification?

After you get the Boom notification on your phone, you’ll then be able to message the person that you’ve matched with – but only if you’re a woman.

If you’re a guy, you’ll still have to wait for the woman to message you on Bumble, even if you’ve already been matched.

This is just the way that Bumble works. So if you’ve got a Boom on Bumble, this is only a part of the matching process.


Bumble is a mobile app where you can swipe left or right based on whether you’re interested in someone else on the platform.

If you swipe left, you’re essentially rejecting the profile – though they may not be gone forever. And if you swipe right on the profile, you’re saying that you like the other person.

If two profiles swipe right on each other, a match will be created, and both users will get a Boom notification to let them know about it.

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