Weight Watchers app not working? We have the solution

Weight Watchers is an incredibly popular weight loss program which has been running for a long time now. Over time it has refined and for the most part made the process of weight loss much easier and more importantly more comfortable for those doing it.

Providing healthy meals and healthier alternatives to snacks and other foodstuffs some say it has been pivotal in their weight loss journey, and it’s ideal for those that want a diet where you can eat whatever and whenever you want. Now in app form the benefits of Weight Watchers are right in your pocket.

Weight Watchers app not working? The fix

With weight watchers being one of the biggest health apps out there they are obviously putting a lot of effort into maintaining the app and making sure they have as few issues as possible.

From what I’ve seen online there are rarely outages on Weight Watcher’s end, but you can check if they are having issues via their twitter. They keep it regularly updated so if there are any issues you can check there to see if it’s a problem for you to wait for them to fix or something you can do yourself.

Weight Watcher’s twitter: https://twitter.com/weightwatchers?lang=en


The main thing that will cause issues with the Weight Watcher’s mobile app is your internet connection. This will be shown by a connecting icon either on the app’s loading screen or an error message will appear in the middle of the screen with.

Here are the main things to double check when on your mobile and have connection issues:

  • Airplane mode – Switching your device into Airplane mode will mean that it can’t connect to either your home Wi-Fi router or your mobile data. This then stops your apps from working properly, as many of them can’t be used without a network connection.
  • Wi-Fi router – If you’ve checked that your device isn’t in airplane mode, the next thing you’ll probably want to do is to reset your home router. It could be an issue with the Wi-Fi in your home, which can usually be fixed with a quick reset.

If you’re having a temporary loading issue, then doing the above will resolve the problem in the majority of cases. If not, then carry on trying to troubleshoot the WW app.

Clear Cache

Sometimes these apps have stored data that can corrupt files and cause issues with loading. Nothing to worry about however, this happens when files break, and a simple clearing of the cache removes the problem files.

Keep in mind when doing this that it will remove all saved data. Files, usernames, and accounts. A lot of this is held server side by Weight Watcher’s however so the only hassle is a quick sign in and you’re back up and running.

Thankfully this can be done on both Android and IOS devices.

For iPhone/IOS devices it’s not very intuitive how to do this… Unfortunately, the only way to do this is to delete the app and reinstall it… This is a little annoying, but it will also clear up any potential corrupt files.

For Android this can be done from the app settings.

  • Navigate to settings.
  • Select apps.
  • Select Weight Watchers app
  • Select storage.
  • Press the clear cache option down in the bottom right.

Check for updates

App’s have a variety of issues all the time and one of the most common causes for these more obscure issues are updates. Because of the nature of this app also it is constantly being updated. Some of these changes are done from server side as it is just updating info but some require app updates so it’s a good idea to keep on top of this and check regularly. This is rarely something as significant as stopping the entire app working but is very possible.

Here’s how to update.


  • Open the app store.
  • Navigate to your profile, should be an icon in the top right.
  • Scroll down to your list of apps and search for Weight Watcher’s app, if it’s in the to be updated section then hit that update button.


  • Navigate to the Play Store home screen.
  • Select My apps & games.
  • Here you can select the Weight Watcher’s app specifically if it needs an update or just hit update all.

Remember it’s not a bad idea to just hit the “update all” and let the phone search for potential updates on all apps. Always good to keep up to date.


In conclusion the Weight Watchers mobile app thankfully very rarely has any issues. It’s most likely that the issue with the app is because of a connection issue on your end. If you follow the steps we’ve put here you should be back to normal in no time and looking for your next delicious healthy alternative meals.

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