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Most people with smartphones have a pin or a pattern that locks their phone in order to keep data safe from others trying to access your device if you lose your phone or it is stolen.

However, if you have forgotten your pin or password then you may be locked out of your Android device. In most cases, it is not as simple as just clicking to see your Wi-Fi password on Android.

Usually, if you have locked yourself out then a factory reset is the easiest way for you to get back into your device, but this means you will lose all the data on your phone as it restores back to the way your phone was when you first purchased it.

So how can you unlock your phone if you have forgotten your pin code and you want to avoid losing your data on it?

How to unlock a phone if you have forgotten your password without losing any data?

How can I unlock my phone using Droidkit?

An app like DroidKit is essential for recovering things on your device or Android phone, and in this case, you can use it to unlock your phone if you have forgotten your pin or password.

DroidKit is a programme that helps you recover files on Android devices much like Dr. Fone for iOS. To use DroidKit to unlock your Android phone if you have forgotten your password follow the process below:

  1. Install DroidKit on your device.
  2. Launch DroidKit on your desktop, connect your Android phone to your computer with the USB connection.
  3. Choose ‘Unlock Screen.’
  4. After your phone is connected, DroidKit will prepare a configuration file.
  5. Choose ‘Remove Now.’
  6. Choose your device from the options and continue the process.
  7. Put your device into recovery mode.
  8. Wipe the cache partition clear on your device.
  9. Droidkit will start the process of unlocking your phone.
  10. 1Once finished you will see ‘Screen Lock Removal Completed.’

You can unlock Android phone password by going through to the recovery mode screen. This is a good way to unlock your phone, but it’s not the only method you can use.

How do I unlock my phone without losing data in safe mode?

Booting your phone in safe mode means the phone will load minus all the data it normally would boot with, this doesn’t mean it is lost, it is just a way to preserve the data stored on your phone.


If you use third-party software to lock your screen then you can try this way to unlock your phone without losing any data:

  1. Press and hold the power button on your Android phone for a few seconds.
  2. Tap on the Power Off and choose OK to reboot the phone into Safe Mode.
  3. Once you are into your phone, you can disable the third-party app, which includes the lock screen software you may be using.
  4. Restart your phone to come out of Safe Mode.

How can I unlock my phone with Android Device Manager?

Android Device Manager is another solution for unlocking your phone or device should you have forgotten your pin code or password.

This is one of the best and easiest solutions for unlocking a locked phone without losing data.

You will need to make sure your Android phone or device is running on Android 4.4 or higher for this process to work:

  1. Go to on your desktop.
  2. Sign in with your Google account details that you use for your locked phone.
  3. In the Android Device Manager interface choose your device.
  4. Choose the ‘Lock’ button.
  5. Now enter a temporary password.
  6. Choose the ‘Lock’ button again.
  7. If this is successful you may see a confirmation window with the following options:
  8. a. Ring
  9. b. Lock
  10. c. Erase
  11. Now enter the temporary password that you set.
  12. Go to the lock screen on your phone.
  13. Disable the temporary password that you set in the device manager.


In conclusion, there are a few ways in which you can unlock your phone without losing any data should you forget your pin or password.

The best thing you can do is to install AndroidKit as this is a fix-all for Android phones and will come in useful for most problems you encounter when using your Android phone or device.

Hopefully, now you have managed to unlock your phone successfully and are back into your phone with a new pin code to enhance security.

If you ever have this problem again, follow the methods here to unlock your phone and reset a new password if needed.

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