Transfer messages from Android to iPhone

How can I copy my Android messages over to a new mobile phone? Many users have asked this questions, and it’s not totally clear how to do this on your device.

Seeing as the two rely on a totally different operating system, you may think that it would be too difficult to make the transfer. It’s a little different from transferring data from an old iPhone to a new iPhone too.

However, fortunately it is possible to transfer messages from android to iPhone – here’s everything you need to know.

Transfer text messages from Android to iPhone

Some users find that it’s hard to transfer texts to their iPhone from their old Android device. Realistically, this should actually be pretty easy to do.

And fortunately, it is. Apple released their Move to iOS app several years ago now. So, all you need to do is download the Move to iOS app from the Google play store and follow the instructions the Apple gives you.

This is the easiest way to transfer text messages from Android messages to iPhone messages. The process is pretty straightforward and can be done as part of your iPhone set up process.

Using Move to iOS app

You can follow these instructions if you want to use the Move to iOS app to transfer text messages from Android to iPhone;

First, open the Google Play store and search for the Move to iOS app.

Next, switch your iPhone on and start the set up process as normal.

During the start up process, you’ll be given the option to Move Data from Android device. Tap this.

You’ll be given a security code on your iPhone that you can enter into the Move to iOS app that will allow you to access existing data for the transfer.

After you’ve entered the code, you’ll be given the option to select messages as the data you want to transfer. You can also select other data if you want to transfer photos and videos too.

The downside of using the Move to iOS app is that you will need to basically reset your iPhone from scratch, which can be a little frustrating.

Unfortunately, there’s no other way around this, and there are no third party apps that will convert Android messages into iPhone messages as they’re different operating systems.

Use an app like Droid Transfer

The best alternative you have if you don’t want to lose your old Android messages is to download an app like Droid Transfer.

What this will do is allow you to pack all of your messages up into files and folders, which you can then store on your iPhone or better a Windows PC or laptop.

This way, you can ensure that none of your old Android messages will be deleted, and you’ll still have access to them in the future.

With this, you can transfer photos, videos or contact information if you need to make phone calls to your contact list in the future too.

Most people are happy with the solution of switching between iPhone and Android – however, it’s still tough to convert old messages from Android to iPhone if you’ve already set your iPhone up.


What is the easiest way to transfer information from an iPhone to an Android device? Hopefully we’ve covered that in the above.

When switching phones, they usually transfer pictures or videos to a new phone, but many users want to ensure that their text messages get transferred.

Text messages are also important to transfer between devices because they can contain important personal information you may need later.

Fortunately, once you know what you’re doing it’s actually pretty simple to transfer messages from Android to iPhone.

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