Top 4 Platforms for Improving Business Performance

Running a business can be a difficult proposition, especially regarding the eternal debate of whether to focus on maintaining current operations or seeking to expand. However, in many cases, that line of thinking represents a false dichotomy.

There are a few options that allow a business to both improve current operations and allow them to focus on expansion at the same time. Let’s take a look at four platforms that can help improve business performance and thereby increase your growth potential.

Contact Center Software

Contact center software like Nextiva provides the perfect platform for handling all manner of customer communications. These include phone calls, instant messages, instant messaging, emails, and more.

Many of these programs, including Nextiva, are powered by AI and can reduce employee workload by automating certain customer service-related functions. One example of this is an AI-powered chatbot that responds to standard customer inquiries and can escalate it to a customer service representative if the situation calls for it.

As the platform is powered by VoIP phone service and a network connection, employees can use the software from anywhere in the world. This is particularly useful with the rise of remote workers in recent years.

Accounting Software

According to the US Chamber of Commerce, roughly 40% of small business owners handle their own accounting. In the early days of a business, this is less difficult but as the company grows, using accounting software or a managed service can make things much easier.

First, part of the workload can be done by machines or automation, which reduces the company’s overall cost of labor. This work should still be checked by a member of the accounting team, of course, but it will be much faster than having them run the numbers manually.

It can also help with an aspect of accounting that some people might not think of – compliance paperwork. Between local, state, and federal regulatory agencies, a lot of paperwork will need to be completed and submitted before any deadlines pass. Accounting software or managed services can help make sure every deadline is met.

Managed services reduce the company’s liability in the event of an error or oversight, while SaaS platforms can incorporate AI or automation to complete work with lower levels of human involvement. The exact needs of your business and situation will determine which is right for you.

Document Sharing and Collaboration

Poor internal communication and lack of collaboration can be devastating to businesses and hinder their growth. According to a recent study, 84% of respondents stated that the main cause of business failures at the company for which they worked was poor internal communication and a lack of effective collaboration.

Using a document-sharing app or service can facilitate interoffice communication, especially when multiple people will be updating the same document regularly. Google Documents is one of the most common but for industries that require a little more security or if the documents are confidential, using a Software as a Service (SaaS) program with extra layers of encryption might be a better choice.

Project Management Software

Speaking of collaboration software, another excellent platform for improving business performance is project management software. ClickUp is the most popular example, although the specific needs of your business might make one of its competitors a better fit.

Project management software can make sure that every employee knows what they need to accomplish and by which deadlines. It can also help supervisors ensure that employee tasks are sufficiently in progress to ensure those deadlines are likely to be met.

On a related note, using employee monitoring software can also help make sure everyone is using company time efficiently and productively. This is especially important with the rise of remote employees, who can be more difficult to supervise than their in-office counterparts.

Final Thoughts

These four platforms can help improve business performance and ensure that the company remains on the road to success. By freeing up resources, streamlining processes, and ensuring efficiency, your business can spend more time focusing on growth and improvement and less time worrying.

Depending on the needs of a business, the number of SaaS programs that will benefit the company may vary. However, as a general rule, many of these services can save money long-term through the additional features they provide and the increased budget flexibility that they provide. Instead of having to plan for contingencies and potential overtime for certain departments, you pay a single monthly fee.

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