Starbucks App Not working – Easiest Ways To Fix

Millions of people use the Starbucks app every day to order coffee to deliver, or to pick up in store, and they actually do a really good job of keeping their app working pretty smoothly, though this comes with some drawbacks that we will go through, namely the requirement to keep it updated.

So when the app’s not working, what can you do? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We can get you back to your much-needed coffee within a couple of minutes by following this guide.

Starbucks App Not Working – Try This First

Most of the time the Starbucks app is not working, it’s one of two things. Either you aren’t properly connected to the internet, or if you are, you haven’t updated your app recently and it’s simply refusing to co-operate because you aren’t using the correct version their systems recognize.

The app generally works a little better than other brands, as the Costa app is often not working, and the same with Caffe Nero too. However, it can have problems from time to time.

We can get to these issues, but first there’s a couple of basic steps you can double-check to make sure something simple isn’t getting in the way.

  1. Check you aren’t accidentally in airplane mode. Having this enabled will completely prevent you from using online apps such as ordering on Starbucks.
  2. Enable location services. Without your location, Starbucks can’t serve you remotely. Make sure the app can locate you before you continue with any of the next steps.

It’s surprisingly common how these two relatively overlooked issues can cause frustrating problems that are hard realize. Who would think to check if airplane mode is on? Not me, because I’ve had this exact problem before, which is why I’m putting it here right at the start. Though, if you are still having problems, we can help you out with those.

Check your login details

The Starbucks app requires a login to work effectively with most of its services. Not being logged in will prevent you from using some of its features.

If your device has been restarted or you have cleared your cache, you may become logged out and your normal services won’t work.

Make sure you’re connected

Starbucks has a pretty nifty caching feature where you can browse the app and prepare orders even without a connection to the internet. This is to help when there is bad signal, as you can put your saved order through once you reconnect.

Unfortunately, this also makes it difficult to tell when you have a bad connection as it will only tell you when something is wrong when you try to process the order.


If orders aren’t going through properly, then there’s a strong chance that this is caused by your connection. You can do this to try and get things working again;

  1. Try toggling your Wi-Fi/mobile data. The good old “turn it off and back on again” is sure to do the trick.
  2. Go hunting for better signal. If for some reason the previous trick didn’t work, it might be the case you’re simply out of signal range of the Wi-Fi or in a dark spot for your mobile data. Try moving a little closer to your Wi-Fi source or move around the room to get a better signal.

Update the app

The Starbucks app gets regular updates and is actually pretty well maintained as far as commercial apps go. They are constantly adding new store locations to their database and updating their services.

However, these constant updates can quickly cause problems if you get too far behind, and keeping your app updated is essential to ensure it runs properly. To update the Starbucks app, head into the Play Store and check if there’s an update option next to the usual open option.

If there is, tap update and restart your device once it finishes to get a complete installation.

Clear cache and data

Sometimes your app will let you update, but it still won’t fix a problem that already exists in the app’s memory. Clearing your data does exactly that. Make sure you back up your login details though, as they will be removed after this step.

To clear your data, simply go to Settings > apps > Starbucks App > clear Cache & Data.

Reinstall the app

Honestly at this point if there’s still a problem with the Starbucks app not working, then it’s probably a problem with your installation of the app itself. At this point, it’s best to wipe the slate clean and start over.

Simply long press the Starbucks icon and tap uninstall. Reinstalling it should fix any other issues you might be having.


For coffee or lunch on the go, the Starbucks app is a welcome and thankfully well-working tool to help you when you’re in a pinch. Keeping it updated and making sure you have a good connection are crucial if you want to have everything run smoothly, as I’m sure any delay to that morning coffee is going to have knock-on effects later in the day!

Thankfully, the app has great reviews and rarely ever has issues, so most of the time whenever the Starbucks app is not working, it’s something on your end.

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