Shift Removals App Review – The Moving Service

Shift is a moving service app, where you can order certain items to be moved from one address to another.

They have a large selection of items to choose from, in order to cater to a wide audience. It also allows you to easily track your delivery to ensure that nothing goes amiss.

Shift Removals App Review – The Moving Service

The Shift Removals app is a pretty solid option if you’re looking for a moving service.

However, it does come with a slightly higher price tag than many of the competitors, so it could be worth shopping around if you want to save some cash.

The Shift app is a convenient service for moving objects, such as your furniture, but it does has its disadvantages. We’ll go through both the pros and cons of the app in this review.

Free To Download

Shift is free to download and use. There are no upgrades or subscriptions to pay for when you use the Shift app.

Shallow Learning Curve

Shift has a simple UI, which is easy to understand.

It does have quite a few settings, but they’re all simply named. This means that users can just use common sense to learn how to use and navigate the app.

However, there is no tutorial for the app. There’s also no explanations for what different features do.

This can make learning the app fairly difficult at first, but you can easily pick-up on what each feature does by exploring them.


Overall, the UI is fairly simple to navigate.

However, one glaring downside is how the back option takes up a larger part of the screen.


As a result, it is quite obstructive and easy to accidentally press. It’s also not clear that it sends you right back to the home page, which undoes all of your progress.

Some may think it just takes them back one step. It should be called ‘back to start’ or something similar in order to imply its purpose to users.

On another note, you can conveniently view your added items. When you add items, an icon pops up on the side.

If you press it, it will show a list of the items you’ve currently added. You can also change the quantity of items from this interface. This allows you to easily monitor and edit your order.

Furthermore, there’s a support section within easy reach in case you have any queries. They state that they usually reply within 5 minutes, so you won’t be kept waiting for too long.


Large Range Of Options

The app offers a wide variety of options for users to utilise. This gives them some freedom in the way they use the app.


Shift provides many options for finding the items you wish to move.


However, you can only choose one of these options. If you go back to the initial list of options, it will cancel any items you’ve already added.

It’s not clear that going back will cancel your process, nor is it clear that you can only choose one of the options. This makes the app a little difficult to learn at first.

However, you can quickly learn how to use the app through experience despite the lack of explanations. Therefore, it has a shallow learning curve.

Shift gives you a large variety of items to choose from, include vehicles and tables. For each item, you can expand them to show a list of specific types to choose from.

This makes finding specific items much easier for users.

There’s also a search bar you can use to search for specific items, in case you have difficulties navigating the various sections.

Or, you may just wish to have a quicker way of finding the right objects. It’s also an easy way to determine whether the items you’re looking for are available on the app.


If you can’t find certain items, then there is an option to add a custom item. You can name it yourself, and add it to your order. Therefore, there is no need to worry if you are unable to locate the items you need.


The cost of moving custom items is quite expensive, though.

So, just be aware of that. It might be better to choose items that closely resemble the item you wish to move, rather than trying to ensure that it’s the exact item you want.

The price for moving one custom item can cost over £50.00 with one mover, or over £100.00 if with two movers.


You can also add photos to your order to clarify which items you wish to move. This will ensure that the movers will take the right items.


However, you don’t get to see a price range or estimate for anything in this stage. You only get to see the prices after you finish adding items, and move onto the next section.

This makes it difficult for users to determine whether they can afford to move certain items using the app.

Different items have different prices. For those who wish to stick to a certain budget, it can be frustrating if they have to abandon the process after discovering the price.

Especially, if they’ve already spent a lot of time finding and adding items.

Date and Time

Users have many choices in regards to the date of their delivery, and the time they’ll arrive at. They allow you to book over a month in advance, and have time slots that go from 7am to 9pm.


Simple Ordering Process

The ordering process is simple to understand and complete. Thus, it’s a fairly quick endeavour.

The app initially prompts you to input the pick up address and the delivery address. This is good since the app may not be able to do certain addresses or distances. If so, you’ll find out immediately with no time wasted.


After adding your items, you’ll be asked about how you heard about them.

There is an option to choose ‘other’ for this section, and it won’t prompt you to explain your choice. Thus, this section is not much of a hassle to do.


The next section only requires you to input your email. It doesn’t ask you to confirm it either, so this section is a very simple and quick one.


Afterwards, you will be asked to choose the number of movers you want. There are only two options available – one mover, or two movers.

The price for two movers is usually around double the price of having one mover. Thus, there is little incentive to choose two movers, unless you’re worried about the move taking too long.


Then, you’re prompted to choose a date and time slot. The further away the date and times are, the cheaper it is. Therefore, it’s better to book in advance.

There are many dates and time slots to choose from, which allow for a good amount of flexibility.

Next, it’ll ask you for some personal information. It’s not much information, so it doesn’t take long to do. They just need your full name and phone number.

There is no requirement for making an account. This makes the process less tiresome.


However, it does mean that if you accidentally close the app or go back to the starting page, nothing is saved. You’d have to do everything again from the beginning.

Finally, will also show you a summary at the end so that you can double-check all the information, and see if everything is correct.

This is useful as the next step is payment, so you can be assured that you won’t be paying without knowing what you’re paying for. This makes the app seem more trustworthy.


There’s also an option to track your delivery, This ensures that you can monitor your order in case something goes awry. The option is very easy to find as it is accessible from the home page.


After pressing the ‘track a shift’ option, you just simply need to input the phone number you used to make the order.



  • Free to download and use.
  • Has many options for finding items.
  • Allows you to add custom items.
  • Lets you see a list of added items.
  • You can edit your order on the list.
  • Shows you a summary of your order details before you pay.
  • Has a simple and quick ordering process.
  • Simple UI.
  • You can book months in advance.
  • There’s a range of time slots to choose from.
  • Doesn’t require making an account.


  • Orders can be quite expensive.
  • The variety of options for finding items have be too extensive to navigate easily.
  • The cost of two movers is over double the price of one mover.
  • No tutorial.
  • No explanations for what the features do.
  • The back button sends you back to the home page and undoes all your progress. This is not self-explanatory.
  • The back button takes up a big amount of space. It’s quite disruptive, and can be accidentally pressed.
  • There’s no way to save your progress if you wish to leave the app temporarily.

Common Questions about the Shift app

Is Shift free?

Yes, it is free to download and use. However, making orders does cost money and will come with a booking fee applied.

How much is a Shift order?

Prices vary depending on what items you want moving, how many items there are, and how many movers you want. Here are the general rules: custom items cost more overall, the less items there are the cheaper, lighter items cost less than heavier items, and one mover is around half the price of two movers.

Prices can range from £30.00 to over £100.00.

How do I track my Shift order?

Press the ‘track a shift’ option on the home page. Then, input the phone number you used to make the order. You’ll then be able to track your large package when it’s being delivered in one of the existing vans that Shift have.


In conclusion, Shift is a simple app for ordering moving services. The UI is easy to use, despite its shortcomings, and the ordering process is quick to do.

If you want reliability, it’s a safe choice as delivery apps often have issues (like the DPD app not working, which is fairly common).

However, the prices can be quite high, and there’s no way to show the prices for moving different items in the initial stages of the process. This can be quite frustrating for those with a budget to stick to.

Nonetheless, the service seems to be quite a useful and trustworthy one. It allows for a great amount of flexibility in regards to choosing the date and time for your order, and allows you easy access to tracking your order.

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