How to search multiple hashtags on Instagram – Guide

When Instagram first launched in 2010 it brought a whole new meaning to the word ‘hashtag’. Often a forgotten button on a keyboard, it all of a sudden became an essential tool for searching topics of interest.

On Instagram, the best way to search for other users’ posts is to search via hashtags due to the fact that the platform doesn’t allow you to simply search by any words that don’t have a hashtag in front of them.

But what if you want to narrow your hunt down and search for more than one hashtag at a time? Here’s the answer.

Search multiple hashtags Instagram – Is it possible?

We’ve got some good news and bad news. The good news is that yes, you are able to search for multiple hashtags at once on Instagram. The bad news is that no results will appear on the search.

It is a mystery as to why Instagram is yet to bring this function to their platform given that it would allow users to be more specific on their searches.

However, as it stands it just isn’t possible to search multiple hashtags on the web version or the mobile phone app. Though, there are a few alternatives to searching multiple instagram hashtags that may give you a similar function.

Combining hashtags

One thing that Instagram does do when a user searches for multiple terms on their platform is provide hashtag suggestions based on the terms that have been searched for.

For example, if you were to enter in ‘food’ and ‘pizza’ and then select the ‘tags’ option after results are brought up then you will be notified of the most active hashtags related to the two words combined.

Although this isn’t as ideal as searching for every post containing the hashtags ‘food’ and ‘pizza’ it is the next best thing and may well help you find the type of content that you are after.

Despite Instagram not directly offering users the ability to search for multiple hashtags in one search, there are some methods which you could employ to do this in a roundabout way. Let’s have a look at them:

Using Google

Google is an incredibly clever search engine that allows users to search through websites without needing to even visit them.

To search for multiple Instagram hashtags via Google, please follow these instructions:

  1. Visit Google on a web browser
  2. Using the same examples earlier, you would type in “ “#food” “#pizza” and then hit enter. You can use as many or as few hashtags as you want.
  3. The subsequent results page will bring up a list of all public posts containing the hashtags you have included in your search.

Once the search is complete, you will be free to scroll through all of the results on Google, redirecting yourself to Instagram whenever you click on one of the results that interest you.

It’s more time consuming than it needs to be but until Instagram introduces this functionality, it’s arguably the best method available to us.

Using a third party platform

In this day and age there are a countless number of apps, add-ons, extensions and websites that will help you with just about anything.

Due to the fact that Instagram users have been crying out for multi-hashtag search functionality for years it is not remotely surprising that third party platforms have jumped on to it.

One of the most reliable platforms out there that offers this service to users is Brand24. Sadly, it is only available for free for 14 days meaning that if you want to use it long-term then you are going to have to dip in to your pocket.

However, for a short-term solution, then there’s nothing better out there.

To search for multiple hashtags at once using Brand24, please follow these instructions:

  1. Open up Brand24 on a web browser.
  2. Create an account if you are new to the sit or log in to an existing one.
  3. Connect your Instagram account to the platform by selecting the Instagram icon on the bottom left hand side of the screen. Make sure you don’t connect any other social media accounts if you only want Brand24 to search through Instagram.
  4. Enter in the hashtags that you wish to search for and then select ‘create the project’ to start the search.
  5. Once the search is complete, head over to projects to see the results of your search.


If you’re still struggling to get your head around Instagram hashtags then think of it like this – if you search for #football on the platform’s search bar then every public post that contains #football will come up on your results.

Using popular hashtags is a way for users to build a following and to set them on their way to becoming social media influencers.

To conclude, Instagram is yet to introduce a search feature which allows users to see the results for multiple different hashtags in one go.

And like most social media, they also won’t show you when someone unfollows you on Instagram either.

While we can’t understand the logic behind this decision, we do hope that our alternative suggestions will help you to conduct one of these searches, albeit in a more time consuming and roundabout way.

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