Samsung – Messages App Not Working?

Samsung messages are specifically designed for Samsung phones and devices, however, sometimes the messaging app will stop working. It could be that it has crashed, the messages aren’t sending, or you are not receiving messages. Many users have found at some point they have gotten an error message to the effect of ‘Messaging isn’t responding.’

It’s worth noting that Samsung Messages and Google messages are different. Here we look at some ways to fix issues with Samsung messaging so hopefully you can get back to sending and receiving messages asap.

Samsung – Messages App Not Working?

Some reasons your Samsung messages may not work:

  1. The app has crashed.
  2. Third-party apps has caused it to crash
  3. The cache files are corrupt and are causing issues with firmware
  4. Data and system files have corrupted and are now causing issues with the firmware.

How do I force start the app?

If your Samsung message app has crashed then the easiest thing to try to fix it is to ‘Force Stop’ your app and reload it. This works for most apps that are glitching if they have crashed.

  1. Go to ‘Settings.’
  2. Go to the Samsung message app.
  3. Go to the ‘All Application’ tab.
  4. Go to Message app > tap it so it is ‘On’
  5. Go to ‘Force Stop.’

How do I clear the cache on my phone?

If you have updated your phone recently your old cache files may be causing some inconsistencies with the new software, so it is a good idea to clear the cache files and get rid of any corrupt file paths that may be affecting your Samsung messages. To do this follow the steps below:

1) Go to ‘Settings.’
2) Go to ‘Apps.’
3) Choose ‘All Applications.’
4) Find ‘SMS app’
5) Select clear cache and data.

How do I disable any third-party app that may be affecting the Samsung message app?

If you have recently installed a third-party app then it is possible that this app may be interfering with the firmware on your phone. To resolve this issue you can either uninstall the offending app or disable it. To disable the app you should firstly boot your phone in safe mode. To boot into safe mode:

1) Turn off your phone.
2) Then press and hold the Power button until you see the Samsung logo.
3) Then press and hold the Volume Down button until you see ‘safe mode’ appears on your phone.

To disable third party apps:

1) Go to ‘Settings.’
2) Go to ‘Device.’
3) Choose ‘Apps.’
4) Go to the tab ‘All’
5) Scroll through the list to the app you want to disable.
6) Tap on the app and then choose ‘Disable’ on the system apps.
7) Now restart your phone.

How do I use Droidkit to fix Samsung messages?

If you have tried the methods already suggested in this article and you are still having issues with your Samsung messages you can try DroidKit, which is an Android system repair software. It is likely that the problem is a glitch with the software on your phone, Droidkit can find the issue and patch it if it is software-based.

1) Download Droidkit on your computer, and then install and launch the software.
2) Click on ‘Fix System issues.’
3) Connect your device to your computer
4) Select ‘Start.’
5) Choose ‘Download Now’ to get the firmware for your phone.
6) Once this is complete choose ‘Fix Now.’
7) Allow your device to enter download mode and continue.
8) Wait for a few minutes until you see the page that says ‘System Fixed successfully.’
9) Now open the Samsung messages app on your phone to check if it has fixed the issue you were having previously.

How do I do a factory reset on my phone?

The final thing you can do if none of the methods here are working is a full factory reset, I suggest backing your phone up before attempting this so you can revert back to your original settings easily should this fail to work.

1) Go to ‘Settings.’
2) Select ‘Back-up and Reset.’
3) Choose ‘Factory Data Reset.’
4) Choose ‘Delete All’ to confirm this as your choice.


In conclusion, there are a lot of reasons why your Samsung messages might not be working and unfortunately, the reason might never be discovered to avoid it happening again. But hopefully one of our methods have successfully aided you in fixing your issues and now you are able to send and receive SMS message again. One final tip, if you aren’t in a rush to fix the issue, you could revert to using something like WhatsApp for a day or two to see if the problem is rectified on its own because it may very well be a network issue. Something to consider before you factory reset your phone.

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