Red dot on Discord icon – What to do

Discord is a free messaging app, which is available for download across various platforms. Such platforms include Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

You can enable the app to allow notifications, which help you notice whenever you get a new message or mention in Discord. This can allow you to promptly respond to any messages, or receive important news.

Red dot on Discord icon

Sometimes, a red dot may appear on the Discord app icon. Do not be alarmed if this happens to your Discord app. The red dot simply represents a notification. The dot appears on the Discord icon whenever you have unseen Discord notifications.

The red dot doesn’t specify how many unseen notifications you have, just that you have at least one. The unseen notifications could be unread messages, pinned messages, mentions, and so on.

The dot allows you to see that you have Discord notifications without being too obstructive. It also notifies you from outside of the app. The red dot is a useful tool for notifying you about Discord activity.

However, some people may still find it annoying to have on their screen. It may be obstructing the Discord icon, or simply unappealing to the eye. Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of the red dot and stop it from appearing again.

How to get rid of the red dot

There are a few different ways that you can get rid of notification dots, including simply reading your notifications or even disabling them. We’ll now go through some methods for getting rid of the red dot in more detail.

Read Notifications

The easiest method for getting rid of the red dot is by reading all your Discord notifications. Open the Discord app, and make sure to go through all your unread messages. Then, close the Discord app.

The red dot should no longer be there since there are no unseen notifications currently. Keep in mind that this will only temporarily get rid of the red dot. It will reappear once you have unseen Discord notifications again.

Disable Message Badge

Another method for getting rid of the red dot is by disabling the message badge option. The message badge is essentially the red dot. Disabling it will make it so that the red dot never appears again. This is a more permanent method of getting rid of the red dot.

To disable the message badge, launch the app and click the gear icon. Then, navigate to the ‘notifications’ tab.


Find the option for ‘enable unread message badge’. There should be a switch next to the option. Toggle the switch off by clicking on it.

The red dot should now be disabled permanently. Whenever you have unread Discord notifications, they will no longer be represented by a red dot.

Disable Notifications

You can also disable the red dot by disabling all Discord notifications. Open the Discord app and access the user settings. Go to the ‘notifications’ tab and toggle the switch off for ‘enable desktop notifications’.


Discord notifications should now be disabled, which should in turn disable the red dot. If there are no notifications, the red dot will not appear.

Mute Notifications

Another method for getting rid of the red dot is by muting your Discord notifications. This is a more selective method of disabling the dot. This method will help you decrease the frequency at which the red dot appears. This is especially useful for members of larger servers.

Muting certain Discord notifications allows you to control which notifications can trigger the red dot. You can also choose to mute all Discord notifications for a more permanent solution.

Be aware that this can be quite tedious as you’ll have to individually mute each server’s notifications. It’s more useful if you’re only in a few Discord servers.

To mute Discord notifications, open Discord and navigate to a server you wish to mute. You can find your list of servers on the far left side. Next, click on the arrow beside the server name and select ‘notification settings’.


Now, you can mute all notifications for the server, or mute everything but mentions. When you’re finished, click ‘done’. Repeat these steps for any other servers you wish to mute.

The red dot should now only appear for certain server notifications. Or, if you’ve muted all Discord notifications, the red dot should no longer appear.

How to enable the red dot

If you’re not receiving the red dot and wish to enable it, you can easily do so from within the Discord app. Open the Discord app, and click on the gear.

Select the ‘notifications’ tab, and find the option for ‘enable unread message badge’. Toggle the switch on for the option to enable the red dot.


If the red dot still isn’t appearing, try enabling message badges in your device settings. Press Windows-key + I, and select the ‘personalisation’ tab. Then, click the ‘taskbar’ option.

Click on the ‘taskbar behaviours’ option to expand it. Locate the option for ‘show badges (unread message counter) on taskbar apps’. Check the box next to the option to enable message badges. The red dot should now appear on your Discord icon whenever you have unseen notifications.


In conclusion, the red dot on your Discord icon means that you have unread notifications. These include unread messages and mentions.

The red dot is essentially a message badge that notifies you whenever you have unseen Discord notifications, so it’s not majorly important – sort of like the Discord crown.

You can disable the red dot by disabling message badges in the notification settings of your Discord app. Or similarly, if you’re not seeing the red icon then you can also enable this from within your app settings too.

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