Orange dot on iPhone – The meaning

Apple has tried to give their iPhones the best protection against potential hackers, and they do a pretty good job for iOS devices.

An iOS update from a few years ago included an alert on the phone when microphone and camera are activated on your device.

This was the addition of the orange dot – though it ended up leaving a lot of iPhone users perplexed as to what it means.

What is the orange dot on iPhone?

The iPhone orange dot is a small light that appears at the top if your iPhone display – the orange dot appears on iPhone when you’re using your microphone.

Whenever your microphone is in use, you’ll find that the orange dot appears at the top of your phone.

This can let you know if someone else is accessing the microphone on your iPhone and recording against your will.

However for the most part, it may just be a minor inconvenience to us when we’re making calls or shooting video recordings on our iPhone.

If you’re using your iPhone yourself, then the orange dot is absolutely nothing to worry about and shouldn’t be an issue.

How can I turn off Orange Dot on iPhone?

You cannot remove the orange dot from the top of your iPhone. This is because it was created to protect user privacy, so the device can’t disable the orange dot.

Many users noticed there were orange dots on the top of their iPhone screen, and that it only happened when using a certain application on your device.

However, you should realise the orange dot represents one of the most significant new security features to iPhones, and it’s not something you’ll want to remove as it helps protect your iPhone from hackers.

What do orange and green dots mean?

On a smartphone screen, there may be small green and orange dots that are intended to let you know the iPhone is in use.

As we’ve already explained, the small orange dot indicates that the microphone of your iPhone is in use. It will come up when you’re making calls, as you’re using your iPhone’s microphone.

However, the green dot also comes up on iPhone too. This indicator appears when your phone’s camera is in use, so it may come up when you’re recording video on your iPhone.

The iPhone has no other special LED camera indicators, so you shouldn’t have to worry about anything aside from these two indicators that show up in the form of dots.


Depending on how often you use the iPhone to make calls, you might notice that orange or green dots occasionally appear.

The dots called indicators are a signal that shows the app is used when the camera or microphone are used – green shows when your camera is in use, and orange shows when your iPhone’s microphone is in use.

Apple is now introducing new security capabilities to protect privacy and data, and actually knowing what each dot on your iPhone means can protect you from other’s accessing your phone and therefore your data.

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