Is Miracast iPhone available on iOS? – The answer

Miracast technology was created for many issues, and the Miracast app allows you to copy the screen to a screen, such as projecting from your phone to a TV monitor. You can use Miracast wirelessly, and it’s pretty easy to configure the app using a smartphone.

Miracast can be used on all new devices, but it’s typically used on Android devices. This leads Apple users to wonder whether Miracast can be used on an iPhone, with Apple TV and if it even works within the Apple ecosystem.

Is Miracast iPhone available?

The correct answer is that there’s no Miracast option for iPhones, as they’re designed to work on an entirely different protocol – Airplay.

Miracast is a good solution for Android phones. However, for iPhones the in-built Airplay is the most effective way to mirror your iPhone screen onto another Apple devices.

If you want to mirror your iPhone onto a different non-Apple device – like a computer or a smart TV – the best way to do this is download Airserver.

This is the best Miracast alternative for iOS users. You can download Airserver from within your iPhone’s Apple store and start using it to mirror your iPhone device.

But for most iPhone users, the best option will be to use Airplay to share their iPhone or iPad screen.

Here’s the best way that you can do this and take advantage of screen mirroring without needing Miracast enabled devices.

How to Mirror iPhone screens

AirPlay — Apple’s most popular software has many unique functions. This amazing innovation drew a large number of visitors.

You can easily set up Airplay by searching for the Airplay icon on your iPhone on your mobile device.

The best way to do this is swipe down on your display to bring up the control center, which should feature the Airplay icon.

You can also do this by going into the Settings app on your iPhone screen and searching for the Airplay feature.

Can you use Airplay on all mobile devices?

Airplay is a great in-built feature for mobiles. However, AirPlay requires an iPhone device, which means that it’s only available for iOS users and not Android users.

When Apple developed AirPlay, the intention was to create a unique device that’s good at mirroring smartphone data onto large screens.

Android users had to wait for this feature to be released for their device’s screen mirroring to work properly.

But nowadays, you can consider using Miracast for Android devices and Airplay for running on iOS devices.


The Miracast app does not exist on iOS, but there is Airplay, which is basically an official Apple version of Miracast. You can open the Control Centre on your iPhone and tap AirPlay to connect to the device that you would like to use.

You’ll have to make first a connection to your Wi-Fi to be able to use Airplay properly, then you can easily mirror your iPhone to your TV. After you’ve done this, you’ll easily be able to mirror your display between the two devices.

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