Lose It! not working? How to fix

Lose It! is an app that helps you count calories, track your exercise, and set yourself goals to achieve. The app has a very high score of 4.7/5 on the app store so it would appear those using it are very happy with what they’re getting out of the app.

When we reviewed the Lose it app, we found it to be pretty good. But what happens when the tracker app stops working? Let’s have a look at what we can do.

Lose It! app not working? The fix

Lose It just like any other app can have problems, these vary and can even be a case of something wrong on the server side of the app.

The most common problem you encounter with the Lose It app is going to be some form of connection issue. This could be either with your device or potentially with your router, which may need to be restarted to get it working again as before.

The first thing you may want to check is going to be whether or not the Lose It app’s server is up so we can tell if we need to look into an issue on our end. Thankfully, this is pretty easy to do, as they are active on social media their Twitter page will be updated with any server issues they may be having.

If they aren’t posting about any issues, then it’s time we look at what we can do to get you back to your healthy lifestyle.

Connectivity issues

As we mentioned, the main thing that will cause issues with the Lose It! app is your internet connection. This will be shown by a connecting icon either on the app’s loading screen or an error message will appear.

Here are the main things to double check when on your mobile and have connection issues:

  • Airplane mode – As you can probably guess, having airplane mode on stops all signal and network connection so it’s one of the first things to check, usually indicated by an airplane icon in the top right corner of your device.
  • Wi-Fi – Just in case you are on wifi there are two things to check here. The wifi on your device and your router. Firstly, make sure your wifi is turned on. If it is, then give it a quick off and on then try connecting again. Secondly, the router itself, check for any obvious warning lights. Just for good measure do a reset, another off and on. Nice and easy.

Check for updates

Apps have a variety of issues all the time and one of the most common causes for these more obscure issues are updates.

If the developers push an update server side, it can cause the app to stop working properly until the update has been done by users. This is rarely something as significant as the entire app not working but is very possible. Here’s what to do;


  • Open the app store.
  • Navigate to your profile, this is an icon in the top right.
  • Scroll down to your list of apps and find the Lose It app, if it’s in the “to be updated” section then hit that update button!
  • Done.


  • Navigate to the play store home screen.
  • Select “My apps & games.”
  • Here you can select the Lose It app specifically if it needs an update or just hit the update all button. I tend to check if it needs updating to see if that could have been the problem but still make sure to do update all.
  • Done.

Reinstall/clear cache

Sometimes these apps have stored data that can corrupt files and cause issues with loading. Nothing to worry about here though, this happens when files break, and a simple clearing of the cache removes the problem files.

Keep in mind when doing this that it will remove all saved data. Files, usernames, and accounts. A lot of this is held server side by Lose It however so the only hassle is a quick sign in and you’re back up and running.

Thankfully this can be done on both Android and IOS devices.

For iPhone/IOS devices it’s not very intuitive how to do this… Unfortunately, the only way to do this is to delete the app and reinstall it… This is a little annoying, but it will also clear up any potential corrupt files.

For Android this can be done from the app settings.

  • Navigate to settings.
  • Select apps.
  • Select the Lose It app.
  • Select storage.
  • Hit the clear cache option down in the bottom right.
  • Done.


In conclusion the Lose It app is very rarely every down. Meaning their servers are almost never the cause of issues you may be having. While frustrating that it’s likely an issue with your device it is good that there is at least something you can do about it.

If you follow the steps we have outlined here then you should be back to your healthy lifestyle in no time! We hope this article helped and you have fixed your Lose It app.

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