JamPlay Review – Is it worth it?

JamPlay is one of the most popular and well-known guitar lesson providers out there on the internet, I have used their videos on and off for years when I was at a loss for how to learn something.

There are roughly 200 courses on JamPlay with approximately 4000 lessons in total to build up your ability from scratch. They provide instructional guitar videos through a subscription service online taught by over 70 professionals in each genre of music and on their app.

Jamplay adds new material all the time so their catalogue of learning is one of the most extensive available. Is JamPlay any good though?

The short answer is yes. How is it compared to some of the other guitar learning apps on the market like Fender Play? Well, let’s find out.

JamPlay Review

When you log into the JamPlay app you get a welcome message in your account that tells you your progress on the app, that’s actually one of the great things that JamPlay do, you can basically personalise every aspect of your learning for what you require.

From choosing your level of guitar playing to what genre you want to focus on, you really can hone your skills by streamlining to your own needs.

In each course, the number of lessons varies depending on what you are learning so there is no definitive structure in terms of that, but the structure and layout of the app overall is clear and easy to use.

For example, if you choose ‘Country for beginners’ in this course there are 25 individual lessons that range from your first melody to the E pentatonic scale and everything necessary to play country at a beginner level.

But then if you look at Bluegrass for beginners there are 28 lessons in total, so it really does just depend on what you choose because some areas need more explaining than others.

Phase one is designed for complete beginners and has about 20 professionals in total with their own courses to choose from. So, rather than just one size fits all, you get to choose what you like and how many of the courses you want to do in total.

Phase two builds on what you learned as a beginner and focuses your skills on specific genres of music which is something a lot of similar apps like Fender play does not do as well at.

Phase three is where you learn complete songs through video lessons, once you have learned from phases one and two, phase three is where you can transfer your skills to learn what you have always wanted to learn.

Pros and Cons

JamPlay is really great from the selection of professionals they have to the amount of content they upload they have it all and if they don’t chances are they will upload it soon.

One of the best things about JamPlay is the focus on the individual’s needs, there is a structure but JamPlay is adaptable so you can just learn whatever you want really, whenever you want.

One thing that JamPlay offers that they do exceptionally well is their Live Lessons, you can sign up for the lessons with an instructor every day for free. Which is insane, imagine asking your guitar teacher for free lessons, never going to happen.

Yet, JamPlay teachers are always willing to answer questions and help out if you are stuck. As well as there being an epic, community forum where you can talk to others that are learning too.

The one thing I think is a little off about JamPlay is the pricing, but considering what you get for the subscription, I’m just nitpicking to come up with something.

With the expertise on there, the number of hours of lessons and the volume of songs, you can’t really moan at all. It is definitely worth the money.

Key Features

There’s a range of content for all levels – JamPlay does this better than most other online learning apps because it actually goes beyond just the stuff for beginners.

Different styles to choose from – You can practically choose from any genre you can think of, rock, soul, pop, country, bluegrass even flamenco to name a few, and I really mean that’s just a few.

Performance testing, Drills and technical assistance – There are drills you can practice to build up your skills and gain confidence and dexterity. As well as technical assistance on how to hold and tune your guitar, with tools offered like the chord library and guitar tuner.

Workshops for things like tuning your guitar – They provide instructions on the most basic things you need to know when starting your journey and it couldn’t be more helpful to newbies.

Tablature for individual lessons – Each lesson where you play a song or learn something, there are tabs available to go alongside the lesson so you can learn to get comfortable with tablature as you go.

Play along with songs – The selection of songs they have is actually insane, you can pretty much get a song by anyone, from any decade.

Live Section with daily webinars – As mentioned this is one of the great things they offer, the webinars and live lessons help to cement learning because you get to ask questions to the professionals and learn straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak.

Common Questions about JamPlay

How many lessons are on JamPlay?

There are 8304 lessons and 124 instructors in total adding new content all the time. This is much more than some JamPlay alternatives like Guitar Tricks, though JamPlay is known for its huge library of online lessons.

What if you miss a Live Course?

They are all archived so you can still access them.

How much does JamPlay cost?

$19.95 per month with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This is quite expensive for an app providing online guitar lessons – fortunately, you can also get a free trial that can make it worth signing up to see how you get on.

What devices can you use JamPlay on?

Jamplay is available on Mac, iPhone, iOS devices, most Android devices and phones and PC too.


So, JamPlay is really quite impressive and although I used them for years online with their free stuff on YouTube, I actually had no idea how great their services really were.

They do offer a free trial to all of their courses so if you aren’t sure you can always have a look at them before you purchase anything.

I would definitely recommend this app to anyone, beginner, intermediate and advanced players because it has some of the best features on any instructional guitar app around.

From all the apps I have reviewed, this is probably the best for learning, it doesn’t really do anything wrong. Browsing the libraries it is easy to understand why this app is one of the best and most used for guitar. It doesn’t really matter what style you want to learn, Jamplay will definitely have something for you.

They have an absolute ton of features that is too long to list here but seriously I would say to any person that wants to learn guitar or just generally wants to improve on something JamPlay do it the best.

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