Is the Hopper app legit?

Hopper is a website and app that looks to find users the cheapest prices possible for their holidays. Whether you are looking for flights, accommodation, hire cars or all of the above then Hopper has you covered. It’s essentially a one stop shop where you are able to source and secure the cheapest possible holidays that are available to you.

Before handing your money over, we’re going to take a look at whether the app is legitimate or not and how to navigate the app to find the best deals.

Is the Hopper app legit? In a nutshell

The Hopper app is absolutely legitimate, yes. It’s a registered company and responsible for saving thousands of customers money on holidays all over the world. It has access to over 100 airlines worldwide, allowing you to compare price instantly for destinations on your bucket list and unlike similar comparison site, you don’t get redirected to the airline when you’re ready to book – everything is handled directly on the app.

The app also uses historical data to advise users on when the best time to book a certain flight is. While some people are naturally quite cynical on this feature and believe that this is just a way for Hopper to force you into purchasing flights quicker, it has been proven that they are 95% accurate with these predictions. You should trust the app and if you do then you will be rewarded with discounted holidays.

By using the app, users can save up to 40% due to the technology that Hopper employs to scour the internet to find the best possible deals. Due to the fact that it’s so simple and easy, many people are left wondering whether the website/app is legit and worry that it might all be too good to be true and a scam.

If you have decided that you are willing to trust the app, then you are going to need to know how to use it. Read on to find out how:

Getting the most out of the Hopper app

If you already know where you’re going and where you’re going to fly from then using the app is really simple. It mainly helps in removing any hidden fees, which is common when booking a flight with an airline.

Simply select the flights button on the home screen and input your destination as well as your departure airport. The app will then bring up a colour coded calendar which visibly shows you the cheapest days to travel. Figure out which dates are do-able for you and then revisit the calendar to select the cheapest dates that align with your availability.

Once you’ve sorted your flights you will then be able to find yourself a cheap hotel at your designated location. You are able to search for a hotel by address, city, neighbourhood or point of interest so you can get as close to your ideal location as possible.

Simply select the hotel tab on the home screen and input where you would like to stay. As with the flight tab, you will then be shown a colour coded calendar. Find the dates that align with your flights and find the best hotel for you.

If you think that you require a hire car for your trip then select the car option and input where you would like to pick the car up from. From there, the process is exactly the same as the previous two search options.

The Hopper app’s price predictor

As mentioned earlier, the Hopper app is able to successfully predict when the best time to book flights is. They used an advanced algorithm that analyses a whole host of data gathered from airline activity in years gone by. To register to these alerts you need first search for flights as you would normally. This time, ignore the colour coding and select your absolute ideal dates and then select ‘watch this trip’.

From this point on Hopper will notify you of any price changes to the flights on these dates, as well as letting you know when the perfect time is to bite the bullet and purchase.

Last minute deals

Another thing worth mentioning about the Hopper app is the fact that it offers users who the app exclusive offers on hotel stays.

last minute deals

To access these offers select the ‘see all deals’ option on the home screen of the app and then select which dates you’d like a hotel for, how many people the room needs to be for and most importantly, the location. The app will then search and find out if there are any deals available to you.

Conclusion – Hopper App Review

To conclude, not only is the Hopper app legit and safe to use, but it’s also very good with some brilliant features that make booking a holiday via them a no-brainer. It’s really simple to use and takes all the stress out of scrolling through endless travel agents’ websites to find the holiday for you.

If you want the ability to book the cheapest flight possible, then using an app like Hopper to book your plane ticket is a great idea.

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