[iOS 17] The Best Pokémon Go Spoofer for iPhone and Android without PC | 2024

Do you know there is a way to enjoy all the perks of Pokemon Go without walking? You can collect Pokemon anywhere in the world without setting a single foot outside. That’s what and much more you can get with Pokemon Go spoofer.

A Pokemon Go spoofer can change your phone’s GPS location and let you teleport to any street, city, or country you want. Afterward, its joystick for Pokemon Go lets you roam around the teleported surroundings. Want to give it a try?

In this guide, we are presenting the best Pokemon Go spoofer for spoofing Pokemon Go on iPhone and Android without a PC. So, stick around, follow the steps, and maximize your Pokemon Go gaming experience.

Part 1. Benefits of Spoofing Locations on Pokemon Go

If you are a regular Pokemon Go player and enthusiastic to collect more Pokemon and participate in different events, then spoofing locations on Pokemon Go gives you many benefits. The four key benefits of Pokemon Go location spoofing are as follows:

  1. Rare Finds: Find rare Pokemon species and explore various in-game areas.
  2. Strategy Advantage: Get an advantage over others by spoofing almost any GPS location.
  3. Enhanced Security: Reduce risk from IP location exposure.
  4. Private Protection: Play games with anonymity and safeguard personal data.

In short, the Pokemon Go location spoof is best to have an unrestricted gaming experience when you cannot walk outside due to any reason.

Part 2. How to Spoof Pokémon GO on iPhone without PC? [iOS 17 Supported]

To spoof Pokemon Go on iPhone without PC, you need a dedicated iOS Pokemon Go spoofer app that can seamlessly spoof GPS location. This is where the PoGoskill iOS App comes into play.

PoGoskill iOS App is a click-based and feature-rich app that can instantly fake GPS on Pokemon Go on iPhone without jailbreak. Its map-based interface lets you teleport to any location and then use its multi-stop or joystick to move around. On top of that, it offers adjustable movement speed, cooldown timer, and other features for the best experience.

Below is a quick glimpse of all the key features of the PoGoskill iOS app:

  • Click-based spoofing in Pokemon Go without jailbreak and computer.
  • Map-based location spoofing to spoof any coordinates across the world.
  • Stimulate single-spot and multi-spot autonomous movement.
  • Joystick for 360° movement in the teleported location.
  • Cooldown timer to avoid frequent location spoofing.
  • Adjustable movement speed to simulate natural movement

Feel interested in trying the PoGoskill powerful Pokemon Go spoofer? Follow the below steps to learn how to spoof in Pokemon Go on iPhone with the PoGoskill iOS app:

Step 1. Install the PoGoskill iOS App by following the instructions mentioned in this guide.

Step 2. Once installed, launch the app on your iPhone. Use the map or search bar to pinpoint the location to teleport. Afterward, click the “Location Modification” button to change the location. Once done, your Pokemon Go trainer gets teleported to that location.

Step 3. To have autonomous movement across multiple spots, click the “Multi-spot Movement” button from the right side. Specify the spots for the custom route using the map. You can also use the undo/reset buttons if you have selected the wrong spots.

Adjust the movement speed. Once done, click “Start Moving” to let the trainer move across those points at the set speed.

Step 4. To roam around the teleported area in a 360° direction, click the “Joystick” button from the right side. Adjust the walking speed and click the “triangle” icon to begin the movement.

Now, use the virtual joystick to have 360° movement.

That’s it! This way, the PoGoskill iOS App provides a seamless way to spoof Pokemon Go on iPhone and enjoy the full potential of the game.

Part 3. How to Spoof Pokemon Go on Android without PC? [Recommended]

To spoof Pokemon Go on Android, PoGoskill comes into action again with its dedicated Android app. PoGoskill Android App offers similar functionalities as its iOS app. With this app, you can spoof GPS to any coordinates, adjust movement speed, and use the joystick for free movement. On top of that, it offers a game mode, which helps to only change GPS location for Pokemon Go instead of the whole phone.

Here’s how to spoof Pokemon Go on Android with the PoGoskill Android app:

Step 1. Go to the Play Store, search for “PoGoskill”, and install the app. Once installed, launch the app and follow the on-screen instructions to set it as your mock location app.

Step 2. Use the map or search bar to set the location to teleport. Tap the “Edit location” button to change the location.

Step 3. For autonomous multi-spot movement, click its icon from the right side. Specify the spots and tap “Start Moving”. Also, adjust the movement speed to have realistic movement.

Step 4. To use the joystick, click its icon from the left side. Adjust the walking speed and then use the virtual joystick to simulate real-world 360° movement.

This way, PoGoskill shines as a feature-rich and best Pokemon Go spoofer for Android with its intuitive and advanced spoofing solution.

Part 4. The Best Tips and Tricks for Pokemon Go

Now that you know how to spoof location in Pokemon Go, let’s quickly take a look at a few best tips and tricks related to the game for more enhanced experience:

1.     Hatching eggs and using incubators wisely

You can get Pokemon, boost candies, and gain XP for eggs you collect at Poke Stops or through gifts. For that, you have to put them through an incubator and complete the required distance walking, i.e., 2/5/7/10 KM. All of them begin with an infinite-use incubator, but you will sometimes get rewarded with 3x incubators. Therefore, you should wisely use them, i.e.:

  • Avoid wasting your 3x incubators and try to use them for eggs with 10 KM.
  • Use infinite incubators for eggs with 2 KM.

This way, you can optimize the incubators’ use wisely.

2.     Transfer Pokemon for candies

You can transfer Pokemon to the professor and get candy in exchange for that Pokemon variety. Once you have captured a Pokemon and received the candy and stardust they offer, you can transfer that Pokemon. For instance, if you have 10 Rattata, you can swap a few of them in exchange for candies to power the other Pokemon that will take part in the battle.

3.     Choose a rare type Pokemon

There are many Pokemon that don’t appear frequently. Since you cannot see them often, you should choose to get those types of candies as you walk. Doing so will soon let you realize that you have enough to evolve the Pokemon.

Part 5. Conclusion

Pokemon Go spoofing is an excellent way to catch Pokemon without any hassle. This guide discussed in detail how to spoof location on Pokemon Go for iPhone and Android with PoGoskill iOS and Android apps, respectively. With PoGoskill, you can teleport anywhere, stimulate real-world movement, and collect Pokemon easily. So, why think more? Use the PoGoskill Pokemon Go spoofer and play Pokemon Go like never before.

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