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Invitations are usually made to invite guests to certain occasions or events. For larger parties, the amount of invitations required can be quite high. This can cause the invitation-making process to be quite tedious or difficult to complete.

Fortunately, there are many invitation-maker apps available these days. They make creating invitations much simpler and quicker to do. These apps are usually free to download and use.

Invitation Maker Apps – The top choices

When it comes to invitation card maker apps, much of your decision may depend on the invites you want to send. It could be physical wedding invitations, birthday invitations or even digital invitations too (which has increased in popularity in recent years).

Either way, with these apps you can create invitation cards with a pretty low budget. We’ll cover three different invitation-maker apps, focusing on their price and available features.

#3 – Paperless Post Invitations

Price: in-app currency (coins): £0.08 – £0.28 per coin.

Paperless is a free application to download and use, but you cannot send any invitations unless you spend coins.

A certain amount of coins is required to the send an invitation. Coins are also needed to use premium backgrounds. You get 10 coins for free when you first use the app. You can purchase coins within the app using real money.


Paperless in an invitation maker app, and provides a variety of different templates to choose from. The templates are separated into 9 categories, which include holiday cards, holiday parties, baby & kids, birthday, wedding, parties, greetings, business, and flyers.

Each category has several sub-categories, such as Hanukkah, company holiday party, announcements, save the dates, modern, and bar mitzvah.

Depending on the template, Paperless provides different editing tools. For some invitations, there are 5 main editing tools: backdrop, stickers, add logo, add text, and remove envelope. The backdrop tool allows you to choose a background from the app’s collection.

There are 100+ backgrounds available. The stickers tool allows you to add graphics to the invitation. There are over 80 stickers to choose from. The logo tool lets you add images from your library/files, or by taking a photo.

The text tool lets you add text, choose a font, choose a text colour, edit the text size, edit the alignment, and edit the spacing. There are 70+ fonts to choose from, and an unlimited amount of colours.

The remove envelope tool is only available for templates that include an envelope. You can remove the envelope if you so wish. You can also edit the envelope’s colour, liner, and stamp.

After customising the invitation, you can add the event details. You can name the event, input the start and end date/time, input the location, name the host, and add a description. Only the first two are required – the rest are optional.

Then, you can add/invite guests. You’ll also be able to preview the invitation. There should be options for ‘will attend’ and ‘will not attend’, and a list of attending guests.

Overall, the app is a fairly simple invitation maker. You choose a suitable template, customise the template, and add event details.

There are a few editing tools available, and most features are accessible for free. The invitations do cost coins to send, so the app may not be the best for non-paying users.

#2 – Invitation Maker Flyer Creator

Price: $23.99 per year (& a 7-day free trial).

Invitation Maker Flyer Creator is free to install and use, but you can purchase a membership to unlock benefits.

These benefits include unlocking all invite templates, unlocking all cards and fonts, and unlocking send and share. The pro version offers over 1000 invite templates. You can’t send any invitations unless you buy a membership. Luckily, the membership is quite cheap.


Invitation Maker Flyer Creator offers a variety of templates to choose from. The templates fall under several categories, including End of the Year, Happy Birthday, Wedding, Ramadan, Baby Shower, and Dinner Party.

The app acts as a very simplistic invitation maker. After you choose a template, you can customise certain sections of the template.

Only some sections are customisable. These elements usually consist of text and images. You can also remove and add pages to the invitation. The pages you can add are specific to each template. The invitations also come with their very own envelope.

The templates have music playing over them, which you can then customise. The app has a library of tunes for you to choose from.

The tunes are separated into different categories, which include festival, jazz, rock, children, wedding, party, SATINE, and popular. You can also upload your own music. The templates even have their own animations that play when you open the invitation.

You can view these animations by playing the templates. You can also edit the animation styles and effects.

Overall, Invitation Maker Flyer Creator is a very fun and simple invitation-making app. The templates include animations and music, which can make the invitation more dynamic and fun to view. There are few customisation options, so the app is quick and easy to use.

#1 – Invitation Maker!

Price: £4.49 per week, or £36.99 per year (both include a 3-day free trial).

Invitation Maker! is free to download and use, but you can buy the premium upgrade to unlock all features. The free version offers 170 templates, 50 fonts, 13 clip art styles, unlimited colours, 30 filters, 20 overlays, 100+ graphics, and 100+ backgrounds.


Invitation Maker! provides many different templates, which fall under several occasions/topics. These include Christmas, Virtual Movie Night, Sleepover, Happy Birthday, Wedding, Chinese New Year, and Baptism & Christening. You can also create your own invitation from scratch.

There are 6 main editing tools: text, filter, overlay, graphics, image, and background. The text tool allows you to add text, delete text, rotate text, move text, and duplicate text. You can also choose the font, clip art, style, colour, spacing, shadow, and opacity.

The filter tool lets you apply a filter to the background, and the overlay tool lets you add an overlay image on the background. The graphics tool allows you to add graphics to the invitation.

There are many graphics to choose from, and they’re all categorised according to their theme. Some of the themes include Christmas, New Year, Sale, Religious, Graduation, Easter, and Valentine.

The image tool lets you add images from your image gallery, and the background tool lets you choose a background image. There backgrounds are separated into different sections depending on their theme.

There are many themes available, but some of them include Thanksgiving, Glitter, Halloween, Love, Watercolour, and Retro.

Overall, Invitation Maker! is a great invitation-making app for non-paying users. You can send or save invitations for free, and most features are unlocked.

The invitations in this app are less flashy or dynamic than in the previous two apps, but Invitation Maker! offers the highest amount of customisation. You can create invitations from scratch, and edit every element of the invite templates.


In conclusion, there are quite a few invitation maker apps available. Most are free to download, but some require a membership or other payment to send the invitations. You can also combine it with a good flyer maker app to get the word out about your event.

If you don’t wish to pay any money for such an app, try Invitation Maker! You don’t have to pay to send or save the invitations, and many of its features are accessible for free.

If you’re looking for more dynamic invitations, try Invitation Maker Flyer Creator. The app features music and animations in their invite templates.

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