How to zoom in and out on Discord – Quick Guide

Discord is a free messaging platform that offers a large variety of features. These features include custom emotes, statuses, screen-sharing, use a Discord voice changer and much more.

Discord even has a range of customisation options that allow users to alter the appearance of the interface. You can change the saturation, the text size, the zoom level, and so on.

How to zoom in and out on Discord

We’ll be discussing how you can zoom in and out on Discord.

This covers both the Discord app and the Discord website. We’ll start by going through how you can zoom in and out on the Discord app.

On Desktop

Discord has its own zoom feature, which allows users to set a zoom level of their choice. This zoom level will persist until it’s manually changed again. It will not reset after the app closes or restarts.

You can access Discord’s zoom settings by launching the Discord client, and clicking the gear icon. This opens up Discord’s user settings.

On the left side tab, locate the ‘appearance’ tab and click on it. The ‘appearance’ tab should be under the section for ‘app settings’. After you’ve navigated to the ‘appearance’ tab, scroll down until you find the Zoom level slider.


You can change the zoom level by clicking on the slider. By default, the zoom level is set to 100. Increase the zoom level to zoom in, and decrease the zoom level to zoom out.

You can also use the chat font scaling toggle if you want to increase the size of your chat font – this may prove to be more effective than when you adjust the zoom of your Discord client.

On Mobile

The Mobile version of Discord doesn’t have an in-built feature for altering the zoom level. Instead, you can scale the font up and down to mimic zooming in and out.

To access the font-scaling feature, open up Discord and press the three lines in the top left. This will open a side tab. Press on your profile icon in the bottom right to open the user settings. Scroll until you find the option for ‘appearance’, and press on it. You can now access the font-scaling feature.


Press on the slider to change the font size. The higher the position, the bigger the font. There should be some sample text beneath the slider that shows you how the font size changes. If you want to reset the font size, simply press the ‘reset’ option.

On the Website (Browser)

If you’re using Discord on a web browser, the browser should have an in-built zoom feature. We’ll be focusing on the Google Chrome browser in this article.

To access Chrome’s zoom feature, launch Chrome and click on the three dots. The three dots should be located in the top right.

A set of options should then appear. There should be a ‘zoom’ option available, with a plus and minus icon on either side of it.


Click on the plus icon to zoom in, and click on the minus icon to zoom out. The default zoom level is 100%.

Make sure that you’re on the Discord website when changing the zoom level. The zoom level alterations only apply to the website you were on when making those changes.

You can also access the zoom feature using keyboard shortcuts. To zoom in, press Ctrl and the + key. To zoom out, press Ctrl and the key. When you zoom in and out using these shortcuts, a small tab should appear showcasing the current zoom level.

You can automatically reset the zoom level by clicking on the magnifying glass icon, and selecting ‘reset’.


The magnifying glass icon should be to the right of the URL bar. You can use this to zoom in on Discord and get a closer look at the display.


In conclusion, you can zoom in and out on both the Discord app and the Discord website. If you’re using the Desktop version of Discord, you can use Discord’s in-built zoom feature.

If you’re on Mobile, you can scale the font to mimic zooming. If you’re on the Discord website, you can use the web browser’s in-built zoom feature.

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