How to Write Jokes in Sims 4

The Sims 4, a life simulation game that allows players to create and control virtual characters and households, has been beloved by many for its intricate gameplay and boundless creativity.

An aspect of this game that often flies under the radar is the ability for your Sim to engage in stand-up comedy, write jokes, and entertain other Sims. But how can one excel in this seemingly obscure art in the game?

Dive into our guide on how to write jokes in Sims 4 and become the virtual comedian you’ve always wanted to be.

Introduction to Comedy in The Sims 4

Every Sim has aspirations, traits, and skills that they can develop over their virtual lifespan.

Comedy is one such skill that, when honed, can bring in Simoleons and elevate your Sim’s status in their world.

Understanding the Comedy Skill

Before one jumps into writing jokes, it’s crucial to understand the overarching comedy skill.

As your Sim practices and develops this skill, they’ll unlock new comedic interactions, be it telling jokes at a microphone or writing them at a computer.

  • Level 1-3: Your Sim starts with basic jokes and can perform “Funny” interactions with other Sims.
  • Level 4-7: This is where the fun begins. Your Sim can now write, and perform medium-level routines and jokes. They can also start composing short comedy books.
  • Level 8-10: At this pinnacle, your Sim becomes a comedic master, writing and performing high-level routines.

Traits to Complement Comedy

If you’re serious about diving deep into the comedic world of Sims 4, consider assigning traits that complement the skill:

  1. Outgoing: This trait makes it easier for Sims to build relationships, crucial for those looking to entertain.
  2. Goofball: Naturally, a Sim with a sense of humor will find it easier to crack jokes and write them.
  3. Self-assured: This trait gives Sims the confidence they need to stand in front of an audience.

Steps on How to Write Jokes in Sims 4

Now that we have a foundational understanding, let’s dive into the steps to write jokes in the game.

  1. Acquire a Computer: Just like a real-life writer, your Sim needs a computer. Once you have it, click on it and navigate to the ‘Write’ option.
  2. Select ‘Write Jokes’: As your Sim grows in their comedy skill, this option will appear under the ‘Write’ menu.
  3. Craft your Content: The game doesn’t require you to manually write jokes, but as your Sim progresses, they’ll produce funnier content.
  4. Publish your Jokes: Once written, jokes can be published, and your Sim can earn royalty payments. To do this, send them via mail.

Tips and Tricks to Excel in Comedy

Writing jokes in Sims 4 isn’t just about sitting at a computer. There’s a whole world of comedic nuances to explore.

Participate in Open Mics

Every neighborhood has lounges or bars where open mics are held. Ensure your Sim frequents these places to practice and improve their skill.

Watch Comedic Shows

Just like in the real world, exposure to comedy helps. Your Sim can watch comedy on TV to get inspired.

Engage in ‘Funny’ Interactions

The more your Sim interacts using the ‘Funny’ option, the faster they’ll hone their comedic skill.


The realm of comedy in The Sims 4 offers an exciting avenue for players looking for a unique experience in the game.

By understanding the intricacies of the comedy skill and engaging actively in its myriad options, your Sim can become a comedy sensation in their virtual world.

As you embark on this journey, always remember – every great comedian, even in the virtual world, started with a single joke. So, why wait? Dive into The Sims 4 and start crafting your comedic legacy.

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