How to write a Tinder bio – 6 steps to consider

People are getting pickier and pickier when it comes to deciding which profiles they want to match with.

If you don’t have a good bio, there’s a good chance that most people will swipe left on you (unless you’re Ryan Gosling, obviously).

But what does a really great Tinder bio actually consist of? Here’s some of the key things that every Tinder bio needs.

What to Put in a Tinder bio?

If you’re wondering how to make a Tinder bio that’s guaranteed to get likes and matches, there are a few criteria that you need to meet.

The best Tinder bios are not just interesting and witty, but also an accurate representation of who you are too.

The six golden rules you should adhere to when creating a Tinder bio are;

  1. Funny.
  2. Get them to send the first message.
  3. Make sure you’re honest.
  4. Be concise.
  5. Use a Tinder loop.
  6. Upload a great profile pic.

An empty bio is a cardinal sin when it comes to Tinder. Tinder profiles that have nothing in their bio are effectively losing potential matches.

If you want more people to swipe right on you, and therefore more matches, putting some effort into your bio can do most of the work. Let’s run through those steps above in more detail.

Have a sense of humour

There’s probably not a personal alive that doesn’t want their partner to have a sense of humour.

Most people aren’t looking for a partner that take themselves too seriously, so including a joke in your Tinder bio is a solid idea.

Not necessarily even a joke, but a witty like that makes the other person chuckle can be the perfect additon to your bio.

Bait the first message

First we get the like. Then we get the match and the message. Then, it’s your job to convert the conversation into a first date, and from there you’re on your own.

But getting that initial like is the hard part for many Tinder users. And even then, if you get a match, there’s no guarantee that they will respond.

Which is why it’s best to start on the premise of them sending you a message first. They show intent first, and all you need to do is show them you’re a good match.

Getting them to send the first message is the hard part of the battle. But with a combination of humour, intrigue and showing your personality in your bio, you can usually get this done.

Keep it honest

Whether you’re looking for a casual hook up or a serious relationship, it’s important to be honest about what you want from Tinder.

If you’re not sure yourself then there’s no harm in avoiding having this in your bio.

However, misleading people into thinking you’re looking for marriage when you’re just looking for a quick fling is a bad idea.

Make sure that you’re on the same wavelength as the other person if you want to find the perfect match. And if you know you’re only looking for something serious, mention that in your profile.

Be concise

Tinder bios are not an opportunity for you to share your life story. A lengthy bio can come across as self absorbed, so it’s important to be clear and concise with what you want to get across to the other person.

Therefore, a good bio for Tinder should have 1-2 sentences at a time. Break it up, be short and sharp – and try not to come across as though you love the sound of your own voice.

Try and get your point across using only a few hundred characters if you can – this is enough to show off your personality without boring the other person to death.

Use Tinder Loops

Tinder added the ability to add a video loop to its app as few years ago now, and it’s an easy way to get more likes and matches on the platform.

Tinder Loops allow you to easily capture a short snap of you doing your favourite activities and upload it to your profile.

You can take videos live through the Tinder app or you can upload them from your camera roll if you have one already.

But for maximising the amount of matches you get in just a few seconds of work, adding a Tinder Loop to your profile is a no brainer.

Make your profile pic appealing

Though it’s not part of your Tinder bio, you need to partner your bio up with a solid profile pic too.

Most users will be fine with 3 pictures uploaded to their Tinder profile, but Tinder now allows for up to 9 different photos to be added to your account.

The golden number is 4 or 5, as this is the amount of Tinder photos that most people will flick through anyway.

Make sure you’ve got a face pic and a full body pic on your profile so that others know exactly what they’re getting when they meet you – strong lighting and a smile are also essential.

Why you need a good Tinder bio

If you’re trying to get as many matches as possible, a great Tinder bio is going to be an essential part of your plan.

This is because it can convince the other person to message you first. For men, this is essential as women get a lot of messages on Tinder.

So using your Tinder bio to attract a woman and get them to make the first move is a great strategy.

It can also confirm to the other person that you’re a genuine person too. With some dating apps having catfish profiles and bots joining, it’s important to distinguish yourself as a 100% real profile.


Something that’s worth considering when creating your Tinder bio is how you can make yourself unique. What is the easiest way to differentiate yourself from the crowd?

Creating an informative bio is an important first connection between you and your first partner.

Hopefully with the advice above, you will be able to create the best bio possible so the likes and matches keep rolling in.

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