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Cup Pong is one of the games available in GamePigeon. GamePigeon is an extension for iMessage, which can downloaded from the Apple App Store. The extension consists of various classic games, such as Basketball, Four-in-a-Row, Word Hunt and Darts.

Cup Pong is based off of the classic party game, Beer Pong. The two games essentially share the same rules and mechanics.

How to win Cup Pong on iMessage

Cup Pong is fairly easy to play, and heavily relies on aim/accuracy. As you may have expected, in this Game Pigeon version you simply need to ensure that the table tennis ball lands safely in the other team’s cups – just like in real life.

In order to win the game, you must first know how to play it properly. We’ll go through how you actually play Cup Pong, and some tips for improving your chances of winning.

First – How to find Cup Pong

First, we’ll explain how you can access the Cup Pong game. Cup Pong is available in GamePigeon, so you must download the app.

How to download GamePigeon

Open the Apple App Store on your iPhone, and then enter ‘Gamepigeon’ into search. The first result that appears should be the GamePigeon app ready to download.


To download the app, press ‘install’.

Next, open the iMessage app and look at the icons near the bottom of the screen. Find the icon for GamePigeon, and press it to open the extension.

Swipe up on the top of the GamePigeon tab to expand the game collection. Cup Pong should be available in the second row.


How to play Cup Pong

After pressing on the Cup Pong game, it will appear as a message. There will be an option for choosing the game mode.

This will determine the placement of the cups. The default game mode for Cup Pong iMessage is triangle, which places the cups in a triangular formation.


You can also randomise the game mode by pressing the random option. This feature is locked unless you purchase GamePigeon Plus.

Pressing the random option will lead you to the purchase page. The service costs £4.49. It also includes more game modes for the other games, more avatar accessories, and no ads.

After choosing a game mode, send the message to one of your iMessage contacts.


After doing so, press the play icon on the message to open the game.

Cup Pong is a game for two players. The players take turns trying to gain points.

The game board (in triangle mode) consists of a table, with 10 cups on it. The cups are formed in a reverse triangle, or pyramid, shape.


Each player will be given a ball to throw with. The aim of the game is to throw the ball into one of the cups. Throwing a ball into a cup successfully will earn you one point.

Each player has one try at throwing the ball per turn. For every successful throw, an additional throw is gained. This continues until an unsuccessful throw occurs.

When a ball is successfully thrown into a cup, the cup in question will disappear. The game ends when all cups are gone.

Drag the ball to choose your trajectory, and let go to throw it.

The player with the most points, or the most successful throws, wins the game.

Tips for winning

Cup Pong is a relatively easy game to play, but there is an aspect of challenge in regards to winning the game. Cup Pong relies heavily on aim and precision.

If you miss a throw, you could end up losing the entire game. There are some tips for improving your technique, which could help increase your chances of winning Cup Pong.

Aim for the middle cups

When you start playing the game, try to aim for the easiest points first. These are usually the cups placed in the middle.

They’re directly in front of your ball, and require minimum aiming. Just throw in a straight trajectory, and use the white line in the middle of the board as a guide.

This way, you’ll only have to worry about controlling your throw power. This will also increases your chances of earning some consecutive throws.

Check your aim

Always remember to preview and check your aim trajectory before throwing the ball. You can also use an object as a guide for where the ball will land, such as a ruler.

Just place the ruler across your screen to help predict where the ball will go, or use it to help you choose the right trajectory. If you can’t use a ruler, then any other straight object will work instead.

Aim for the most cups

After the other team’s cups start disappearing, try aiming for the area with the largest concentration of cups. This will increase your chances of landing the ball in a cup.

Aim for the remaining cups closest to you as opposed to the ones further away. The closest cups will be easier to aim for.


In conclusion, Cup Pong is a fairly challenging game. It relies heavily on aim and success rates. Missing a throw could cost you the entire game. Due to the game’s reliance on successful throws, its best to increase your chances of landing a shot.

You can do this by aiming for the easiest cups first, which will earn you some additional throws. You can also try to aim for the area with the most cups to increase your chances of landing the ball in a cup. Try to gain as many points as possible, as early as possible.

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