How to uninstall the Xbox app on Windows 10

Microsoft decided to put the Xbox Companion app on Windows 10 as part of its default app services and is now an essential feature for gamers using Windows 10 and Xbox.

It provides access to many of the features you get with Xbox such as admission to achievements, chats and parties cross-platform.

However, as great as the app is you may still run into an issue that requires you to uninstall the app as part of troubleshooting your Xbox app.

Or maybe it is something you don’t use and just want to get rid of it. There are multiple methods you can use to uninstall the Xbox Companion app which is displayed in this article for you to use if you need to.

How can you uninstall the Xbox Companion app on Windows 10?

Depending on the build of Windows that you have you may have to use different methods to uninstall the Xbox Companion app. The first way is to uninstall the app directly using the start menu if this is an option for you.

Sometimes this method is not available in that case you should move on to the methods below to uninstall them. But, this is definitely the easiest way to get rid of the Xbox console companion app from your device.


To uninstall the Companion app via the start menu you can do this by going to:

  1. Go to the ‘Start’ menu.
  2. Type ‘Xbox’ into the search bar.
  3. Right Click on the app.
  4. Here is the option for ‘Uninstall.’
  5. Select ‘Confirm’ to uninstall the app.

How do I uninstall the Xbox app on Windows 10 through Apps and Features?

If you are struggling to uninstall the Xbox companion app through the start menu you can try to do it through the Apps and Features option on Windows 10.

Apps and Features on Windows 10 that give you a list of all applications that may be installed on your operating system.

Apps and Features allow you to manage, move, modify and install apps just like you can do with Add/Remove programmes.

To uninstall the Xbox Companion app on Windows 10 through Apps and Features you can:

Go to the ‘Start’ menu.


Go to ‘Settings.’


Choose ‘Apps’ to get into the Apps and Features setting.

Go to the Xbox Companion App.


Click the ‘Uninstall’ button and allow the programme to uninstall.

This is the easiest way for you to uninstall the Xbox app if you’re on using a Windows laptop or computer. But, it’s not the only way you can do this, as there are other ways to remove the Xbox app from your device.

How do I uninstall the Xbox app on Windows 10 with a third-party app?

If you are still having issues uninstalling your Xbox Companion app using Windows 10 methods you can try third-party apps such as O&O Appbuster.

Third-party apps make it possible to install any app that can be uninstalled and also restore the deleted apps whenever you want to. You can further manage apps as and when you need them.

  • Choose to install O&O AppBuster.
  • Here you can uninstall, manage and restore apps that you have deleted.

How do I uninstall the Xbox app on Windows 10 using PowerShell?

If ‘Uninstall’ is greyed out in the first instance then you can use the Windows 10 PowerShell to get rid of the app. It is a moderately more long winded way of uninstalling the app but it is useful in cases where you can’t uninstall it from the Start menu.

Once you follow the process I have set out below for you, the app should disappear from the operating system. If for whatever reason it returns, you can just follow the steps again to get rid of it:

  1. Go to the ‘Start’ menu.
  2. Type in the search bar ‘Powershell’
  3. Right-click on the PowerShell and select ‘Run as Administrator.’
  4. In the Powershell type the following command:
  5. Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.XboxApp | Remove-AppxPackage
  6. Once you have entered the command allow the programme to finish running.
  7. Type in ‘Exit’
  8. Press the enter key to exit the Windows Powershell.

In the majority of cases, you won’t need to worry about doing this. However, it’s good to know as a backup to the other methods listed.


In conclusion, the essential apps being preinstalled on Windows 10 operating system is a great idea because it makes the set-up of any new computer easier than it ever used to be.

This way you have everything you may need at your fingertips and if you for whatever reason don’t need an app, you can use the methods I have provided here to uninstall them easily.

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