How to see blocked messages on iPhone

Many today use smartphones to communicate, with the average user checking their phone messages more than 100 times per day.

So, it’s not surprising that many people wonder about the possibility of blocking messages from iPhones or Android phones, and whether those messages can be seen.

What happens to blocked messages on iPhone, and how can you retrieve deleted messages to read these text messages yourself?

We’re going to take a quick look at how you can see blocked messages on iPhone devices.

How to Retrieve Blocked Text Messages on iPhone

If you’re trying to retrieve blocked messages on your iPhone, the easiest way for you to do this is by using your old iCloud backup, which allows you to download messages to your device.

You can do this pretty simply by;

  1. First, click into your iPhone Settings app.
  2. Next, click on your Apple ID.
  3. Then, select iCloud.
  4. Scroll down to the Messages option.
  5. You can then select Disable and Download Messages.

What this will do is download all of the text messages from your native Messages app to your iOS device.

Do you still receive messages after blocking someone?

Many users wonder about blocking messages on an iPhone – after you’ve blocked the number, will you still continue to get calls and messages on your device when you unblock them?

If you block someone on your iPhone, you’ll no longer receive calls from that number – they’ll be stopped before they reach your device. This is due to your blocking someone’s phone number which will stop them receiving calls.

This is the same for messages too – when you block someone, the message they send to you will not reach your device, and therefore cannot be recovered.

When you want to view blocked messages, you can only view messages that existed from before you blocked the other person.

Although there has never been a direct means of recovering blocked messages, you can retrieve older messages by using the iCloud backup to see what was sent before you blocked them.

How can you tell if you’re blocked from sending messages to someone else?

If someone blocks you from sending messages to them, they will never seen any messages that you send them from your iPhone.

On iPhone, blocking messages is pretty easy to do within your Messages app, and they will not be displayed in your outgoing messages either.

You can tell whether another person has blocked you on their device by;

  • Trying to call the other person and seeing whether your call goes through. If not, you’re probably blocked from calling the other person.
  • Checking whether the colour of the text bubble of your messages changes to confirm the message has been sent.
  • You’ll no longer receive any status updates as to whether your text messages have been sent.

If you’ve blocked someone’s number, they will probably be able to determine this by using the above methods. So, if you plan to add a blocked number, make sure you’re doing the right thing.


The iPhone is undoubtedly a smart phone, but even the smartest of phones cannot carry on receiving messages after you’ve blocked the person’s number.

So, you cannot view blocked conversations if the other person keeps messaging you. However, you can see the conversation from before you were blocked – you can do this by simply looking through the conversation after unblocking the other person.

Or, you can use iCloud to recover all of the old messages that you’ve sent and received on your device – you can’t do this if you transfer messages from Android first, as there will be no iCloud backup.

Hopefully this has given you a clearer understanding of how text messages work on iOS devices.

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