How to Put Money on a Cash App Card (ATM alternatives)

Used by over 30 million people on a daily basis worldwide, Cash App helps people in many different financial situations to access, transfer and receive money easily, without fees or a traditional bank account necessary.

They offer a Cash Card which you can use like any other bank or credit card, allowing you to make online purchases safely and digitally from retailers that don’t support direct Cash App transfers. The Card draws from your Cash App balance.

Follow these steps for how to put money on your Cash App card at an ATM.

How to put money on Cash App card at ATM – The reality

In reality, you can’t actually put money on a Cash App Card at an ATM. ATMs do not serve this purpose. This is the same for both the US and UK Cash app cards.

This is the case for both Cash app personal and business accounts. Despite this, it’s always good to know how for the time it does become available, or if you travel to a country that has the Cash App Card.

You can withdraw money from the ATM using Cash app, but you can’t load cash or deposit cash onto your app via an ATM or cash machine. Here’s the other ways that you can potentially do this.

Alternative #1 – Top up in store

Topping up in store is as simple as walking into most convenience stores and if there is a Cash App loading option advertised, you can give your number to the cashier, and you will be charged 4 dollars to load your Cash Card. Your card limit will be different depending on your circumstances and account type.

Alternative #2 – Trade with a friend

Some of us may not have friends we would trust with the last slice of pizza, but if you are fortunate enough to have a trustworthy friend who also has Cash App, you can effectively “trade” with them.

This is a roundabout way of getting cash onto your Cash Card but is the most effective way of taking cash in hand and putting it in the app without fees. Though, keep in mind the transfer won’t be instant, and could take up to 3 business days.

To do the trade, find someone with a Cash App account and balance, and offer to give them real cash in person in exchange for them sending you the same amount back to you digitally through Cash App. It sounds complicated but it really isn’t.

You are just handing them cash in person, and they are transferring the same cash digitally back to your Cash App, which goes on your Cash Card. Bonus is that it’s completely free!

This is ideal if you want to make online purchases and your friend wants to use cash for something. You can even go to an ATM to withdraw the cash you need to give your friend. So, if you look at it that way, you really are topping up your card from an ATM.

Alternative #3 – Transfer from the bank

If none of these are an option, the last resort you have is the default choice for Cash App users. That’s transferring money from your bank, or debit/credit card, and depositing that money onto your Cash App card.

While it’s not ideal, especially if you don’t have access to a bank, there is currently no other option if you can’t get a friend to trade you or there are no Cash App available stores near you.

To transfer cash from your bank or card to your Cash App Card, first make sure you have a positive balance in that account, so you don’t go into overdraft, then follow these steps:

  1. Open your Cash App and go to your balance tab, where your cash balance is displayed.
  2. At the bottom left, look for the Banking symbol and tap it to open the Banking tab.
  3. On the Banking tab, tap on add cash under your cash balance.
  4. Select your card or bank and funds will automatically go into your account based on the amount you transfer.


While you can’t use an ATM to deposit money on your Cash App card, there are still a good variety of ways to get that cash you need where you need it.

Whether you get a favor from a friend, top up at a retailer, or use your bank card to transfer to your Cash Card, the app makes it surprisingly easy and hassle free.

Maybe in the future as payment processing modernizes and catches up with apps like Cash App, we will see digital ATMs which can interface with financial and banking apps, allowing you to top up on the go.

For now, hopefully this guide has helped clarify it for you and you can get that cash where you need it, on your Cash Card!

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