How to Play Rocket League Split Screen

Rocket League, the vehicular soccer video game sensation, has taken the world by storm. Not only does it offer thrilling online multiplayer action, but it also provides a fun local co-op experience via its split-screen mode.

In this detailed guide, we’ll delve into how to play Rocket League split screen, ensuring you and your friends can team up and score some epic goals together!

Setting Up for Split Screen

Before jumping into the game, it’s essential to prepare your gaming environment for a smooth split-screen experience:

1. Necessary Equipment

  • Console or PC: Rocket League’s split screen feature is available on both console versions (like PlayStation and Xbox) and PCs.
  • Controllers: While one player can use a keyboard on PC, it’s more comfortable if both players use controllers. Ensure you have two functional controllers if you’re playing on a console.

2. Logging In

Both players need to be logged in to access split-screen mode:

  • Console: The second player can join as a guest or log in with their own account.
  • PC: The second player will join as Player Two by default.

3. Display Settings

For the best experience, use a larger screen or TV. While not necessary, it ensures both players can clearly view their section of the screen, providing a competitive edge.

How to Start a Split Screen Match

The process is straightforward, but it varies slightly between platforms:

  1. Launch Rocket League and reach the main menu.
  2. Second Player Joins: On most consoles, the second player can press the “Start” or equivalent button on their controller. On PC, the second player can press a key to join.
  3. Once the second player is in, you can navigate through the menus, select your desired game mode, and start the match. The screen will automatically split, allowing both players to participate simultaneously.

Playing Rocket League in Split Screen: Tips and Tricks

Communication is Key

When playing in split-screen, you’re physically close to your teammate. Use this to your advantage by communicating strategies and calling out plays.

Screen Awareness

It can be a tad challenging to focus on your half of the screen initially. With time, however, you’ll adjust. Always be aware of your screen’s boundaries to avoid missing crucial game events.

Customization and Progress

If the second player logs in with their account (on consoles), they can access their vehicle customizations and retain game progress. This feature enriches the gaming experience, as both players can showcase their unique cars.

Benefits of Playing Split Screen

Playing Rocket League in split-screen mode brings several advantages:

  • Bonding Time: It’s an excellent way for friends and family to bond over a fun and competitive game.
  • Improved Skills: Playing alongside a teammate allows for faster skill improvement as you can learn from each other.
  • No Internet, No Problem: Even if your internet is down, split-screen mode ensures you can still enjoy Rocket League offline.

In Conclusion

Rocket League’s split-screen mode provides a fantastic local co-op gaming experience. Whether you’re aiming to become a pro or just seeking some light-hearted fun with friends, knowing how to play Rocket League split screen is essential. So grab a friend, set up your game, and let the high-octane soccer madness begin.

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