How to play GamePigeon Archery – Quick Guide

Archery is a video game accessible from GamePigeon, which is an iOS application. The app acts as an extension for the iOS messenger, iMessage.

GamePigeon has its own app, which can be found and installed using the iOS App Store. GamePigeon contains a series of different video games, such as 8 Ball, Chess, and Connect 4 (or Four in a Row).

GamePigeon’s Archery game essentially follows the same rules as the real-life sport. Archery traditionally consists of using a bow and arrow to aim at a target.

The closer to the centre your arrow hits, the more points you score. The game revolves around aim and accuracy, so it can be quite difficult to excel at.

How to play GamePigeon Archery?

GamePigeon’s Archery is a very simple game. The game models itself off of the original sport of archery, and consists only of a few mechanics – the objective to gain maximum points from your arrows.

We’ll go over how the game is played, along with how you can actually find/open the game.

How to access Archery

You can access Archery from the iMessage extension, GamePigeon. You must already have GamePigeon installed in order to access the Archery game within your iMessage games.

How to download GamePigeon

In order to download GamePigeon, you must locate the GamePigeon application. You can find the app in the iOS App Store.

First, you need to open up the App Store – then, you can search for ‘Gamepigeon’ to find it.


Tap the ‘install’ option to start the download process.

When GamePigeon has finished downloading, open iMessage and press the GamePigeon icon at the bottom of the screen. It should appear as a game controller.

When you press the GamePigeon icon, a window will appear beneath the icons. Within the window will be a series of GamePigeon games.

Swipe up on the GamePigeon tabs (i.e. games, settings, store). This will enlarge the window, and showcase all of GamePigeon’s games. Archery is available in the first row.


How to play Archery

Press on Archery in the GamePigeon window. This will form a message, with the Archery game in it.

Archery requires two players, so you’ll have to find one of your iMessage contacts to play the game with. Once found, send them Archery as a message.


Once you’ve sent the game, you’ll be able to open the game by pressing the play icon. The game ‘board’ appears as a field with a target places in the middle.

You’ll be facing the target. The target consists of 10 rings/areas, with each area being worth a different amount of points. The centremost ring/area is called the bullseye.


Each player will take turns shooting an arrow at the target. If the arrow lands on one of the rings, the respective player will be given a certain amount of points.

The centre is worth the most points, whilst the outermost ring is worth the least points. The closer you are to the centre with your aim, the more points you’ll gain.

The rings on the target are colour-coded in pairs. The outermost two are white, the next two are black, then blue, then red, and the two centremost rings are yellow.

The game is played in ‘sets’. A set basically acts as a round, and involves each player getting one turn. Each player has three attempts at shooting the arrow per turn.

After a set is over, the player with the most points wins the round. Another set will then be played. If the same player wins, then the game is over.

If the other player wins the set, there will be a third set. The first player to win two sets wins the entire game.

Each shoot is timed, so players must shoot the arrow (after initiating the process) before the timer runs out.

When you drag the arrow, you’re initiating the shooting process. The timer starts a second or so after initiation. If a player fails to shoot their arrow before the timer runs out, the arrow will be shot automatically.

There’s also a notice that appears when a shot has been initiated. The notice shows the wind speed and direction.

This tells you how strong the wind is in the game, and what direction the wind is blowing in.

In order to shoot the arrow, drag the arrow to control your aim. Then, let go of the arrow to shoot it.

Tips & Tricks to win Archery

Here are some tips you can use to improve your archery skills in the game.

Remember that if you want to win Archery, you need to make every one of your three tries count!

Take your time

Take you time when aiming the arrow. Still be mindful of the timer, but try not to rush your shooting. The game is all about accuracy, so you should check that your aim is correct before letting go of the arrow.

Check the wind speed

Remember to check the wind speed and direction. Take into consideration the affect the wind might have on your arrow.

This should help you decide where you should aim. You may also want to aim higher than your intended target, making sure you hit within the yellow rings.

Aim for the higher points

Try to aim for the higher-point areas, aka the centremost rings. This especially applies if you’re the first player. Focus on trying to get more points than your opponent.

If you’re going first, you need to set the bar high as your opponent will know what score to beat. If you’re going second, try to get more points than your opponent.


If you desperately want to win Archery by any means necessary, you can take advantage of the Zoom function that is built into iOS. You may have to reset this after each of your three tries.

So, if you just want a fun game, then this probably isn’t a good idea as it’s essentially just cheating. However, if you need to win Archery against a tough opponent, then this could help as it’s a good Gamepigeon archery cheat.


In conclusion, Archery by Game Pigeon is a simply-designed game. It tries to mimic its real-life counterpart as close as it can.

The game only consists of one mechanic, which is shooting the arrow. Other than that, there’s only aim and wind speed/direction to consider when playing the game. The goal is to score more points than your opponent.

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