How to play Filler on GamePigeon – Tips to win

Filler is a game available on GamePigeon, which is an extension specifically for iMessage. GamePigeon can be installed as an app from the Apple App Store, and consists of over 20 different games.

These games range from your classic sports, to word games and board games. Such games include Darts, Anagrams, Archery and Filler.

Filler is colour-matching game similar to Reversi (aka Othello). Filler revolves around the concept of dominating the board.

How to play Filler on GamePigeon – Tips to win

Filler is a very simple game to play, and in comparison to some of the other iMessage games, it’s relatively easy. You start the game by picking a corner tile, and win the game by capturing more tiles than your competitors.

There are few mechanics to keep track of, or learn. We’ll go over the basics for how you play the game, as well as how you can access the game itself.

How to access Filler

Filler can be found on the GamePigeon extension, which is only accessible from the iMessage app.

In order to access Filler, you must first install the GamePigeon app.

How to download GamePigeon

The GamePigeon app can be found on the Apple App Store. Open the App Store, and type ‘gamepigeon’ into the search bar.

Search the word, and look at the search results. The first result should be the GamePigeon app.


Press ‘install’ to download the application.

Once the GamePigeon app has been downloaded, find your iMessage app. Open iMessage, and look at the bottom of your screen.

There should be a row of icons visible. Amongst the icons should be the GamePigeon extension. Find the GamePigeon icon, and tap it to open GamePigeon.

Swipe up on GamePigeon’s tabs to extend the game collection. Filler should be available in the third row.


How to play Filler

Press on Filler in GamePigeon to access the game. This should create a message containing the game.


Press the send icon (arrow) to send the message to an iMessage contact of your choice.

Filler is a two-player game, so you must choose one iMessage contact to play with. Once you’ve chosen a contact, send them the game as a message.

After sending the message, press the play icon to open up the game.

The game board consists of a 7×8 squared grid, with each square being one of 6 colours. The 6 colours are red, blue, green, yellow, purple, and black.


Each turn, 6 boxes will be shown to the player. These are known as fill colours, and appear below the game board. Each fill colour represents one of the 6 colours on the game board.

Four of the fill colours will be maximised each turn, whilst the other two are minimised. The four maximised fill colours are randomised each turn. Each player takes turn choosing a fill colour.

Each player gets a starting block. These are one of the corner blocks. For example, the lower-left corner block. Your starting block should be fading in and out to signify that it’s yours’.

When you choose a fill colour, your starting block will merge with an adjacent block that matches your chosen fill colour.

For example, if your starting block is blue and your chosen fill colour is purple, the blue block will merge with all adjacent purple blocks. The merged blocks now become part of your starting block.

The game ends when all blocks on the board have been merged. The winner is the one with the most merged blocks, or the largest starting block.

Tips & Tricks for Winning at Filler

Whilst Filler is an easy game to play, it can be hard to win if you don’t know any good tips or strategies. Here are some useful tips that can help you improve at the game.

Scan the board

Always remember to look at the board before you choose a fill colour. Look at the blocks surrounding your starting block, and make sure to choose a colour that belongs to one of them.

This ensures that blocks will merge with your starting block.

Try to merge multiple blocks at once

Try choosing fill colours that belong to more than one adjacent block (if applicable).

For example, if there are two red blocks adjacent to your starting block, choose red as a filler colour (if possible). This will increase your starting block size more efficiently.

Take blocks vertically first

Increase your starting block size vertically first. This will increase your chances of expanding your starting block size.

This is because your opponent will most likely be doing the same thing, which makes taking horizontal blocks rather inefficient.

You’ll be blocked from expanding part-way. You can start taking horizontal blocks after you’ve expanded vertically.

Try to surround blocks

Try to block your opponent from accessing certain blocks by surrounding them. You’ll essentially be walling them off from those blocks.

You can do this by creating an outline or division across the board, which keeps your opponent from reaching certain sections/blocks.


In conclusion, Filler is a very simple game to play. The game essentially revolves around one mechanic, which is to press/choose a fill colour.

This affects the board, and can cause blocks to merge with your starting block. The aim of the game is to dominate the board, much like in Reversi (or Othello).

However, whilst the Filler game definitely requires you to make the most of your strategic blocks, it’s quite simple – and a great place to start if you want something easy to play. The more blocks you take, the higher your final score at the end of the game.

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