How to play 20 Questions on GamePigeon – Quick Guide

20 Questions is one of the games available in the iMessage extension, GamePigeon.

The extension is available for download on the Apple App Store, and is free to install along with other iMessage games like 8-ball pool. GamePigeon offers over 20 different games, ranging from card games to sports.

Other games include Crazy 8, Darts and obviously 20 Questions. It’s largely a reliable way to play a guessing game with friends, and 20 Questions is definitely worth checking out for most people – here’s why.

How to play 20 Questions on GamePigeon

20 Questions is a classic two-player game, which is often played verbally. The game revolves around the question master asking 20 questions in order to guess the opponent’s chosen word.

Or, you could be the second player – the one with the chosen word. In this case, you would be the one answering the 20 questions.

We’ll first explain how you can find, or access, the game. Then, we’ll go through the game’s rules; and how you actually play 20 Questions.

How to find 20 Questions

In order to access 20 Questions, you have to install the GamePigeon app.

How to download GamePigeon

Open the Apple App Store, and then manually search for ‘Gamepigeon’. Here, you can find the GamePigeon app, which should have a game controller as an icon.


Press ‘install’ to download the iMessage extension.

After installing the extension, open iMessage. Find the GamePigeon icon, which should be amongst the row of icons near the bottom of the screen. Press the GamePigeon icon to showcase its games.

If you can’t find the GamePigeon icon amongst the initial set of icons, press and hold one of the icons to maximise them. Now, you can scroll through the list until you find the GamePigeon icon.


After pressing the GamePigeon icon, swipe up on the ‘games’ heading. This fully expands the game collection. 20 Questions should be available in the fifth, or last, row.


Press on 20 Questions, which should cause a prompt to appear. The prompt contains an input bar, and asks you to input your chosen word. This will be the word your opponent has to guess.


Type your chosen word in, and press ‘done’ on the keyboard. The game should now appear as a message.


Send the message, and press the play icon to open the game. You will now have to wait for your opponent to send a question to you. There should be a status saying ‘waiting for a question’ if this is the case.


How to play 20 Questions

First, one of the players must think of a word. This is usually an object, or concept.

Objects are usually preferred as they’re easier to guess, or ask/answer questions for. In this explanation, let’s assume that you’re the one with the chosen word.

After choosing a word, type it in the input bar provided when you press on 20 Questions in GamePigeon.

When you send the game as a message to your chosen contact, your opponent will have to think of a question to ask you.

They will get to ask 20 questions overall. Each question must be a yes or no question. This means that you can only answer their questions with a yes or no.

For example, “is it an animal?” is a valid question; but “what colour is it?” is not. The latter question cannot be answered with a yes or no.

After your opponent thinks of a question, they must input it into the game and send it to you. Once you receive the question, you must answer it with a yes or no. Then, your opponent will get to ask another question.

This cycle repeats until your opponent has asked 20 questions in total. These questions include them guessing your chosen word. For example, “is your chosen word a ‘bike’?” counts as one of the 20 questions.

Guesses can be made an any point in the game. Your opponent wins if they manage to guess your chosen word.

If your opponent fails to guess your chosen word in one of their 20 questions, they get another chance to guess after asking 20 questions. Your opponent wins if they correctly guess your chosen word.

If your opponent fails to guess your chosen word, you win the game.

Tips and Tricks

20 Questions is a very simple game to play, but can be quite difficult to win regardless of whether you’re asking or answering the questions.

Luckily, there are some tips you can use to better your technique and improve at the game, which gives you a better chance at winning twenty questions.

Take your time

The game is not timed in any way, so don’t be hasty when asking questions. Think your questions through before deciding to ask them, and take your time doing so.

This can prevent you from asking pointless questions.

Start with broad questions

Start the game by asking broad questions. This can narrow down what categories the chosen word falls under, and help inform your later questions.

For example, “is it alive?” can lead to “is it an animal?” and so on.

Be specific

Later in the game, try to be more specific with your questions. This will help you better narrow down what the chosen word could possible be, whilst also eliminating possibilities.

For example, “does it live in the sea?” or “is it green?”. Open ended questions are not helpful in 20 questions, so being specific really helps.

Be thorough

Try to cover different aspects of the chosen word when asking questions; such as its appearance, location, purpose, and so on.

For example, “does it have four legs?” or “it it usually walked on?”. When you elaborate on previous questions, this can help you to guess the word.

Don’t repeat questions

Try not to repeat any questions when asking the 20 questions. This includes paraphrasing. Repeating questions will not give you any new information, so they’re pointless and shouldn’t be asked.

For example, “does it have four legs?” and “does walk on four legs?” shouldn’t both be asked in the same set of 20 questions. The answer to the former should imply the answer to the latter.

For example, if it has four legs, it’s implied that it also walks on four legs. Therefore, the latter question shouldn’t need to be asked.


In conclusion, 20 Questions is a traditional game that involves guessing a chosen word by asking 20 yes or no questions.

It’s a two-player game, and one of the players must choose a chosen word or mystery object. The other player will be asking the 20 questions, and the first player will be answering them.

Players take turns asking questions of each other, just like how the game is played in real life. And though it’s a simple and classic game, it’s still worth checking out if you’re looking to have some fun.

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