How to make spoilers in Discord – Add Spoiler tags easily

Discord is a social messaging platform, where users can create group chats and moderate them. Discord is a great place for bringing together large communities of people, and interacting with likeminded peers.

You can create group chats of any size, and even communicate 1-1 through DMs. The platform supports various types of media, including images, videos, GIFs, epubs, and more.

One good thing about Discord messages is that you can add a spoiler tag, which will conceal the message and hide attachments from other chat members until they click on them. Here’s how to add the spoiler tag to your messages.

How to make spoilers in Discord – Quick Guide

Discord has a variety of features available in addition to its messaging features. One such feature is the ability to mark things as spoilers.

Due to the nature of Discord, you may find it difficult to avoid spoiling certain media for other members. This is especially true for large servers, where you’re unable to know everyone’s stance on certain media.

Fortunately, Discord has a few methods for marking things as spoilers. You can do this for both text and attachments. Marking something as a spoiler is referred to as a spoiler tag. We’ll first cover how you can mark text as spoilers.

When you mark something as a spoiler in Discord, it will appear as hidden for other members unless they click on the spoiler. A spoiler will have a black or grey box over it, which hides it from view.


If a member clicks on a spoiler, it will reveal itself only to the member who clicked it. This way, members will be aware of when something is a potential spoiler, and be able to choose whether or not to see it.

Markdown Codes

The first method for making spoiler tags in Discord is using markdown codes. This is one of the easiest ways of marking something as a spoiler. You need only your keyboard to make the spoiler tags. This works only for text.

To make a spoiler tag, simply add two vertical lines before and after the spoiler text. Don’t add any spaces between the vertical lines.

Do this before you send the text off to avoid anyone potentially seeing the spoiler. On a PC/Laptop keyboard, the vertical lines should be accessible by pressing Shift + Reverse Backslash. The reverse backslash key should be located to the right of the spacebar.


If you wish to mark something that’s already been sent as a spoiler, you can add the vertical lines to the text by editing the message.

To edit a message, hover over the message. Three dots should appear to the far right of the message. Click the three dots and select ‘edit message’.


You can now add the vertical lines to the text to make a spoiler tag. Adding these two vertical bars is the easiest way to hide a spoiler within the Discord app.

Discord’s spoiler tags give you an easy way to hide messages from other members of the Discord server. There are a few other ways you can add spoiler tags to your Discord chat too.

Spoiler Icon

Another method for marking text as spoilers in Discord is by using the in-built spoiler feature. There’s a shortcut for adding the spoiler markdown codes to text. This is a much faster way of adding spoiler tags.

Firstly, type the text out in the message box. Once you’re done, highlight the text you wish to mark as a spoiler. You can highlight through a few different methods. To highlight a word, double-click it. To highlight all the text, triple-click one of the words.

To highlight a section of the text, double-click the first word of that section and immediately drag the mouse across the rest of the section. Or, you can click and drag the mouse across the section you want to highlight.


After you’ve highlighted the text, a set of icons should appear above the text. Click the eye icon to mark the selected text as a spoiler.

It should automatically add markdown codes to the selected text. Afterwards, just press ‘Enter’ to send the text off.

How to mark attachments as spoilers

You can also mark attachments as spoilers in Discord. To do so, first add an attachment by clicking the plus icon next to the message box. Then, click ‘upload a file’ to choose an attachment to upload.


Once you’ve chosen an attachment, it should appear in the message box. There should be a set of icons above the attachment. Click the eye icon to mark the attachment as a spoiler.


This will only work on Discord’s Desktop app. It will not work on Mobile, so you need a different method to add spoiler tags on mobile devices.

How to make Discord spoilers on Mobile

You can also make spoiler tags on the Mobile version of Discord. This is possible on both iOS and Android devices.

For iOS

For iOS devices, there are two methods for creating spoiler tags.

The first method is by using the markdown codes. This means adding two vertical lines before and after a piece of text. The text within the vertical lines will be marked as spoilers.

The vertical line should be accessible from the keyboard. Press the 123 key, then the #+= key, and the vertical-line key should be there.


Once you’re done adding the markdown codes, press the arrow icon to send the message.

The second method for adding spoiler tags is by using the spoiler icon. This is a shortcut for adding markdown codes to text.

Type the text out in the message box, and highlight the text you wish to mark as spoilers. You can highlight text by double-pressing a word, and dragging the selection box across the relevant text.

Alternatively, you can long press on the text, and press ‘select’ to highlight the word you pressed. Or, press ‘select all’ to highlight all the text.


Once you’ve highlighted the text, a set of options should appear. Press the right arrow to see expand the options.

Press ‘mark as spoiler’ to automatically add markdown codes to the highlighted text. When you’re done, press the arrow icon to send the message.

For Android

For Android devices, there is only one method for adding spoiler tags. This one method is by using markdown codes. There is no in-built shortcut for adding spoiler tags on Android.

To use the markdown codes, you must add two vertical lines before and after a piece of text. This will mark the text as a spoiler.

The vertical lines should be available on your keyboard. Press the !#1 key, then the 1/2 key, and the vertical-line key should be there.


When you’re done adding the markdown codes, press the arrow icon to send the message.


In conclusion, there are a few ways to make spoilers in Discord. You can manually add markdown codes to your text, click the spoiler icon to automatically add the codes, or mark attachments as spoilers.

You can even make Discord spoilers on Mobile. Both iOS and Android devices allow you to add markdown codes to your text.

Of course, there are always ways that you can get around spoiler tags (like when you inspect element in Discord to see the page text). However, for the most part having spoilers is one thing that separates it from other messaging apps.

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