How to make someone a moderator on Discord – Guide

Discord is a great place for making large group chats (aka servers). They have many tools for management and organisation, which can help keep servers orderly and safe to be in.

One of the best management features, is the ability to make someone a moderator on Discord. To do this, Discord has a permissions feature, where you can manage user permissions.

There are over 20 permissions available, some of which include the right to manage channels, send messages, manage roles, and manage the server.

How to make someone a moderator on Discord

You can create roles for a server, with each role having access to certain permissions. If a user is assigned a role, they will have access to the the specified permissions.

This allows server owners to grant admin rights to other members of the server. This makes it so that other users can help manage and moderate the server.

You can make someone a moderator if you have access to admin rights in the server. You should have admin rights if you are the owner of the server, or have been assigned a role with admin rights attached.

A moderator is someone who can help overlook content and user activity in a server. They can also manage or deal with issues that pop up in regards to user activity.

For example, they make sure that no one breaks any server regulations or has any conflicts.

If you need to find moderators, then you can look into advertising your server online. Getting a Mod is a good idea, as they can also help organise channels and roles, as well as kick/ban members if need be.

Make someone a mod on Desktop

You can make someone a moderator on Discord in both Desktop and Mobile versions of the app. We’ll first cover how you can make someone a moderator on Desktop.

Launch the Discord app and log into your account. Enter the server in which you wish to make someone a moderator.

You can enter a server by clicking on the server icon. There should be a list of server icons on the far left.

Once you’re in the right server, you must create a role with admin privileges. This the first step towards making someone a moderator.

To create a role in Discord, right-click the server icon and select ‘server settings’. Or, click the downwards arrow on the left side tab, and select ‘server settings’.

You should now be in the server settings. Go to the roles tab and select ‘create role’.


You should be taken to the role creation settings. Name the role and assign it a colour. Then, go on the ‘permissions’ tab.


There should be a list of permissions. Grant the role permission you want the moderators to have. Usually, moderators should be allowed to manage messages, emojis, nicknames, and voices.

You can choose which permission you want them to have by toggling the switch on or off for each permission. Once you’re finished, save the changes.

Alternatively, if you know the moderator personally and you trust them, you can give them full admin rights. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. There should be a permission labelled ‘administrator’.

Toggle the switch next to it on to enable the permission. Save the changes when you’re done. The role should now have access to all permissions.


Now, you must assign the role you just created to the relevant members. These members will be made moderators in the server.

To assign a role, return to the server settings and go on the ‘members’ tab. There should be a list of members on display.

Find the member you want to make a moderator, and hover over their username. Three dots should appear to the far right.

Click on the dots, and select ‘roles’. A list of roles should appear. Click on the role you just created to assign it to the member.


Or, you can click on the plus icon next to the username, and search for the role you just created. Click on the role. The role should now be assigned to the member.


Repeat this step for any other members you wish to give the moderator role. You can also scroll your ser’ver’s member list if you want to kick members from your Discord servers too.

On Mobile

Open the Discord app and swipe right. This should open the side tab. Press on the three dots next to the server name, and select ‘settings’.

Scroll until you find the ‘roles’ tab and press on it. Select the plus icon to create a new role.


Name the role and assign it a colour of your choice. If you’re on iOS, press ‘create’ to move onto setting up permissions. Swipe until you find the moderator option and press ‘select’.

Make sure to read through the permissions involved with the moderator option before proceeding. If you wish to choose the permissions yourself, press ‘skip this step’.


Next, you will be shown a list of server members. Check the box next to the members you wish to make moderators.

When you’re done, press ‘finish’. You should now be in the role settings. You can navigate to the ‘permissions’ tab and personalise the permissions if you want.

If you’re on Android, scroll down after naming the role. There should be a list of permissions. Check the boxes to enable the permission, and uncheck the boxes to disable them.

Once the role has been created, you can assign it by returning to the server settings and going on the ‘members’ tab.

Press on the member you wish to make moderators. If you’re on iOS, press ‘edit roles’ to reveal the list of roles available. If you’re on Android, the roles should automatically be on display.


Select the role you just created to assign it to the member. Repeat this step for other members you wish to make moderators.


In conclusion, you can make someone a moderator on Discord by assigning them a role with certain permissions attached. Banning members is also possible using the same method.

You can also consider transferring ownership of a server too if you no longer want to own the channel. The server’s rules will stay the same, but the administrator privilege will be passed to someone else.

The good thing is that you can customise the server permissions to your liking, and allow the moderators to manage or edit certain things in the server.

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