How to make a live wallpaper from a video – Quick Guide

A live wallpaper is a wallpaper that can move/play, much like a video does. Live wallpapers typically feature short motions that repeat continuously.

Such motions are usually quite minute or simple, such as shimmering stars or rotating planets.

There are many different types of live wallpaper, and they can range from nature-themed to more abstract/artistic pieces.

You can get live wallpapers from various apps, such as Live Wallpapers Forever and Black Lite – Live Wallpapers.

Even though there are many apps that offer live wallpapers, you may wish to create your own. Here’s what to do if you want to make a video wallpaper from your iOS or Android phone.

How to make a live wallpaper from a video

The good news is that there are various ways in which you can achieve this, and can be done on both iOS and Android devices.

Android devices require a third-party app in order to make custom live wallpapers, whilst iOS devices have an in-built feature that supports live wallpapers. Creating a video live wallpaper for your lock screen or home screen isn’t hard.

However, you still need a third-party app to create a live wallpaper from an existing video or other format.

You also need a third-party app to edit the live wallpaper, or else you’ll have little control over how the wallpaper moves.

For iOS

iOS devices support the live wallpaper format in the form of Live Photos. The Live Photo format is automatically available on later iPhone models. You don’t need to worry about downloading a video live wallpaper app.

Live Photos are essentially moving photos, which copy the motion that occurred a second or so before it was taken. This means that you have little control over what motion the Live Photo will record.

Live wallpapers can be created and saved as Live Photos, which can then be set/used as wallpaper on your lock screen and home screen.

You will need a third-party app in order to create a live wallpaper from a video. You can also use the app to edit and perfect the wallpaper to your liking.

Using intoLive

There are quite a few iOS apps for converting videos to live wallpaper, and one that we really like is intoLive.

intoLive is completely free to use, and you can now purchase the pro version for free. You can find the app in the App Store by searching ‘intolive’.

After you’ve downloaded intoLive, open the app. You will be shown your gallery, which is categorised by photos, videos, GIFs, Live Photos, and burst photos.

Make sure that the video tab is selected, and choose the video you wish to convert into a live wallpaper.

When you’ve chosen the video, you’ll be taken to the editing page. Here, you can trim the video, zoom in/out of the video, move the video, and play/pause the video.

There are also various editing tools you can utilise, which include editing the aspect ratio, choosing a background, choosing a filter, changing the speed, muting the video, rotating the video, and flipping the video.


Edit the video to your liking, and trim the video into what you want your live wallpaper to play. When you’re done editing the video, press the ‘make’ option in the top right.

You’ll then be asked to choose a loop option. This will determine how many times the video will loop.

You can choose no repeat, repeat 2 times, or repeat 3 times. Press the option that best suits your preferences.

The video has now been converted into a Live Photo. Press ‘save Live Photo’ to download the Live Photo.


Now, open your device settings. Scroll down until you find the ‘wallpaper’ option, and press on it.


Then, press ‘choose a new wallpaper’.


Find the Live Photo you just saved and press on it. You can now preview your new live wallpaper. You can zoom in and move the photo around to your liking.

Once you’re happy with the positioning of the Live Photo, press the ‘set’ option in the lower right corner. This will set the Live Photo as your wallpaper.

For Android

Android devices have no in-built live wallpaper tools, so you’ll have to convert a video into wallpaper to make a live wallpaper.

You can do so by using a third-party ‘video to wallpaper’ converter, such as Video Live Wallpaper Maker. You can find this app by searching ‘video to wallpaper in Google Play.

Once you’ve finished downloading the app, open it. Press the three lines in the top right to open the options.

Press ‘local videos’ to access your gallery. Choose the video you wish to convert into a live wallpaper.


You will be given a set of options. You can choose whether to include the audio, choose the scale, and enable double-tap as an action. When you’re done editing the video, press ‘set as launcher wallpaper’.


You can check the box next to ‘preview’ (in the top right) to see what the video is like as a wallpaper. Once you’re ready to move on, press ‘set wallpaper’ to set the video as your wallpaper.



In conclusion, you can create a live wallpaper for your lock screen using a video. In fact, there’s various different ways you can convert videos to use them for other things, like making a Boomerang by using a video clip from your camera roll.

There are many third-party apps you can download in order to achieve this task. Such apps exist for both iOS and Android devices, and can be used for free.

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