How to kick someone off Netflix

One of the many pros of Netflix is that multiple people can all use the same account.

Sharing accounts on Netflix is an ideal way to save some money, as it gives you a chance to watch Netflix movies online without having to worry about paying individual fees.

However, there are times where this can become pretty annoying. If you’ve given someone access to your account, you may want to know if there’s any way you can kick them off if they’re hogging the Netflix subscription.

Why kick someone off your Netflix?

Besides the reason that they’re your ex and you hate them, Netflix only allows limited numbers of users to stream at the same time.

In certain situations, account sharing could cause your Netflix Account to temporarily lock your account, as Netflix does not want users sharing a shared account from various different locations.

Account sharing is designed for families who live together, so if you use the account in four different locations at the same time, you may find that Netflix restricts your account (though this is actually pretty rare in reality).

Removing devices from your Netflix account

The good news is that you can easily delete devices from your account. The bad news is that there’s no way to do this individually, so you’ll need to kick all the devices out of Netflix to get one user out.

To do this you can:

  1. Go directly into your Netflix account and click your profile icon.
  2. Next, click into your Account.
  3. Under your Settings, you should see a ‘Signout all devices’ option.
  4. Tap on “Signout”, which will automatically log into the Netflix account of every device your account is signed into.

Doing this will kick out everyone that’s logged into your Netflix account, even if they’re currently watching something.

This can be used to forcefully delete the devices that are listed in Recent device streaming activities.

After doing this, if they know your password and you want to stop them from logging back in, be sure to change your password.

How can I change my Netflix password?

After you’ve signed out of all devices that are logged in to your Netflix account, you’ll then want to change your Netflix password immediately to prevent them from logging back in again (if they know the password, that is).

You can easily reset your password by first;

  1. Click into the Account Settings page on the top right hand corner or your Netflix account.
  2. Next, Click on Change Password, which can be found under Membership and Billing.
  3. You’ll then be given the option to enter your new password. Then, click save.

You can now log back in to your Netflix with your device and the updated password that you’ve just created – the other user won’t be able to log back in.

In future, keep your login information confidential to avoid the issue, or be prepared to use this method again if someone continuously uses your Netflix account without permission.

What’s the best way to block someone’s Netflix account?

If someone uses your account without permission, you will need to remove them from your account using the method above.

Then, you can change your password to something new that the other person is not aware of – they’ll no longer be able to log into the Netflix account then.

There’s no way for you to block them from logging back into the Netflix account, as deleting their Netflix profile will not stop them from logging back in. Therefore, changing the password is the best option available.


If you have problems watching Netflix on the weekends when everyone is trying to use the account at the same time, you can quickly check your Netflix settings to determine which devices are using your Netflix account.

It is possible that there is a maximum of users connected to the platform, which will depend primarily on the Netflix plan you’ve signed up to. To deal with this, logging out of all devices will ensure everyone is logged out (including you).

After doing this, you can change your Netflix password to ensure nobody logs back in. This is the best way to prevent users from using your Netflix account when you don’t want them to, as there’s no way for you to kick someone off your Netflix account targeting individual devices.

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