How to Give Robux to friends on Roblox

Roblox is a massive community that allows players to make then own Roblox game through using its studio. It’s a game designed for users to develop games – a form of games-ception, if you will.

To assist with the building of games, users can purchase products by using the currency Robux within the game.

However, acquiring and trading Robux with other users isn’t as clear as it could be. This guide will go through ways that you can give Robux to a friend.

Giving Robux to friends on Roblox

It’s actually not possible to give or transfer Robux directly to friends by simply making a trade from your account.

However, there are a few alternate methods you could use to give Robux to friends. Using these methods will allow you to give the other person Robux without having to give it to them directly.

Give Robux via donations

The most common way you can give Robux to your friends by getting them to sell donation shirts and buying the item off of them with your Robux.

After they’ve listed the donation shirt in the catalog, you can simply go to the catalog (Avatar Shop), find their item and buy it using your Robux as a form of payment.

Bear in mind that to do this, they’ll need to be a member or Roblox’s Builder’s club to have the ability to list them items in the catalog.

However, this is probably the easiest way to give Robux to your friends on Roblox – but it’s not the only way.

Create a game pass

Do you have friends that don’t have Premium access and access to Builder’s club? You could consider opting to create a game pass instead of a donation shirt and then list that for sale instead.

After they’ve created a game pass, you can then go ahead buy the Robux games passes from your friend to give them our Robux.

Remember that when buying via the Avatar Shop a seller receives a total of just 70% of its price. Roblox charges 30% market taxes on everything it sells.

Use Group/Group Funds to Donate Robux

Another way that you can give Robux to friends is by setting up a Group (this costs 100 Robux to do, so it needs to be worth it).

After doing this, you can easily distribute the group’s funds to people within the group by going to the Settings and then Revenue, then clicking through to Payouts, then One-time Payouts and finally Add Payout Recipients.

You will need a Group that has money in its accounts to use this plan, however it’s a pretty solid way for someone that’s been playing Roblox for years to distribute some wealth to new members.

What is Robux?

Robux is cash accumulated whilst you’re playing Roblox – it can be earned through the game, or it can be purchased in-game if you want to upgrade a character in a game or buy new skill sets for Roblox.

To get additional Roblox, it is necessary to upgrade to a premium Roblox plan, as you’ll get more Robux for your money if you have signed up to premium.

Robux is the ideal gift for your friends or kids, and in an ideal world, you’d be able to simply give them to others in game – however, with Roblox this isn’t the case, so there are a few workaround ways that you can do this.


Roblox is a huge online game platform that has developed its own currency for the users of Roblox, called Robux. Roblox allows gamers to buy the Robux currency fairly easily, or you can also work to earn Robux within the game too.

However, it’s not quite as simple for you to give Robux to friends and other users within the game. Though, it is some possible by using some roundabout methods that allow you to do this without paying directly to other users.

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