How to get your Discord token – Easy method

Discord is a widely-used program for texting and calling. Discord does not require data in order to function. It is a free messaging platform, and can be accessed through their website

You can also choose to download the Discord application, which is available for free. You can find the download link on their website. The Discord app is available for a range of device platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

How to get your Discord token – Easy Guide

Discord has a range of features available in addition to texting and calling. Such features include assigning roles, statuses, screen-sharing, and more. Discord also has extra security features, like Two-Factor Authentication and tokens.

A Discord token is a series of letters and numbers. The token is created when you log into your Discord account. It essentially acts as a verification code, that confirms that you’re the account holder.

A Discord token represent your account details, which include your username and password. Each Discord user has their own unique token. A user’s token will change if their password is changed.

Discord tokens allow complete access to your account, and can be used when dealing with Discord bots. A token can help bots act on your behalf external from Discord. Be careful to not share your Discord token with anyone else.

You can find your Discord token on Desktop through a web browser, such as Firefox or Google Chrome. We’ll mainly be focusing on how you can obtain your token through Google Chrome.

Open up Google Chrome and go to Once you’ve done this, you can sign into your Discord account.


Once you’ve finished logging into your account, click Ctrl + Shift + I to open the browser’s developer tools.

A side tab will appear on the right. Click on the arrow icon near the top of the tab. A list of options should appear. Select the ‘application’ option.


On the left side of the tab, there should be a list of options. Click on the arrow next to ‘local storage’ to expand the option.


Then, select the ‘’ option. Near the top of the tab, there should be a search bar. Type ‘token’ in the search bar. Press Ctrl + Shift + M.

Your token should now be available in the developer tools tab. Right-click on your token, and select the ‘edit value’ option.

Then, press Ctrl + C to copy your token. Press Ctrl + Shift + M once more to return the web page back to its original state. To close the developer tools tab, click the ‘x’ in the top right corner.

Can I get my Discord token on Mobile?

Unfortunately, the only way to obtain a Discord token is through a Desktop web browser. There is currently no way of obtaining a Discord token through Mobile.

This is due to the fact that you’re unable to access the developer tools tab on Mobile, which is necessary for getting your token. You need to open developer tools and inspect on a desktop device, whether in a Google Chrome browser or elsewhere.

I should mention that a Discord Bot token is not the same thing – you need a Discord Bot token to authorize a Discord bot to run. However, the way you get this is a little different, as you acquire the token directly from your Discord client.


In conclusion, you can get your Discord token using a web browser’s developer tools. You can only access this feature on Desktop, meaning you’ll have to wait until you have access to a laptop or computer to do so.

A Discord token is an assortment of numbers and letters, and each user has their own unique token. A Discord token allows full access to an account, so make sure to not share your token with anyone else.

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