How to get the crown on Discord – Crown icon disappearing

Discord is a free service that allows you to create or join various group chats, which are also known as ‘servers’. When you create a Discord server, you become that server’s owner. As a server owner, you are able to access certain admin permissions that other members are incapable of.

Such permissions include kicking a member out of the server, banning a member from the server, and passing on ownership to another member.

How to get the crown on Discord – Guide

If you’ve lost the Discord server owner crown, it’s likely down to one of two reasons – you’ve either passed the Discord ownership over to another user, or you’ve assigned yourself a role that removes the crown icon.

Whenever you enter a server on Discord, a list of server members will be shown on the right side of the screen. If you’re on Mobile, you can access the server members list by pressing on the person icon in the top right corner.

Within the server members list, the owner of the server will have a crown next to their name. This indicates that they’re the owner. The crown helps other server members quickly identify the server owner, which is helpful for when they require aid.

Certain things can only be done by the server owner. If you pass on ownership to another server member, the crown will disappear from your username and reappear next to the new owner’s username.

The crown is visible by default. However, if you create and assign roles with admin permissions, the crown will disappear. This is because the role acts as a method of signifying a member with admin permissions. Thus, the Discord server owner crown is no longer necessary.

You will also no longer be the only member with admin permissions in the server. Other members with certain roles will also have access to those permissions.

If you want the crown to reappear, there are ways to achieve this whilst still having roles.

For Desktop

Launch Discord and look at the left side of the screen. There should be a list of server icons visible there. Right-click on a server you own, and select the ‘server settings’ option.

Navigate to the roles tab. You should be able to see a list of the roles in your server. Click on one of the roles to access the role’s settings.


You should be taken to the ‘display’ tab by default. Scroll down on the page until you see the option for ‘display role members separately from online members’.

Toggle the switch for the option off by clicking on it. if the switch is grey, the option has been disabled. Repeat this step for every role. Afterwards, the crown should reappear.

For Mobile

Open the Discord app, and press on the three lines. These should be located in the top left corner. On the left side of the screen, there should be a list of server icons.

Press on a server you own. Then, press on the three dots next to the server name. Select the ‘settings’ option to open up the server settings.

Scroll down on the settings until you see the option for ‘roles’. Press on the option to view the roles in your server. Press on one of the roles to access the role’s settings.


Navigate to the ‘display’ tab, and scroll down until you find the option for ‘display separately’. If the switch for the option is green, press on it to turn it off. If the switch is grey, the option has been disabled. Repeat this step for every role in the server. The crown should now reappear.

How to make the crown disappear

If you don’t want the crown to appear, there are ways to make it disappear. The simplest method for getting rid of the crown is by creating and assigning roles with admin permissions.

To create a role, open Discord and look at your server list. This should be located on the far left. Find the relevant server and right-click on it.

Select the ‘server settings’ option, and navigate to the ‘roles’ tab. Click ‘create role’. Select the ‘display’ tab, and scroll all the way to the bottom. Toggle the switch on for ‘display role members separately from online members’.


You can also scroll back to the top to name the role, and assign a colour to it.

Next, navigate to the ‘permissions’ tab, and scroll all the way down. Toggle the switch on for ‘administrator’.


Whilst you’re altering the settings, a pop-up will appear near the bottom of the screen. It should prompt you to save the changes you’ve made. When you’re finished with the settings, click on the ‘save changes’ option in the pop-up.

Next, you must assign the role to someone. On the server settings, select the ‘members’ tab. This should showcase a list of server members.

Locate the member you wish to assign the role to, and click on the plus icon beside their username. A small tab should appear, displaying all the roles in the server.


Find the relevant role, and click on it to assign the role. The Discord server owner crown should now have disappeared.


In conclusion, the crown on Discord is displayed next to the server owner’s username by default. To get the crown, you must own the server. Owning a server will give you the ability to create bots (like the Giveaway bot), manage the permissions of other users or in some cases, kicking others from the server.

You can obtain ownership by creating a server. When you create a server, you’re assigned the owner by default. You can also obtain ownership if a server owner passes ownership to you.

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