How to bypass Samsung Account Lock – Two methods

Have you bought a second-hand Samsung phone and it still has a pin associated with it? Or maybe you are so used to your old pin you changed it recently and now can’t remember what you changed it to?

The good news is that there are ways and means around the Samsung security pins. No one wants it to be easy for someone to unlock your phone, so it makes sense for Samsung’s account lock to be pretty strict.

Nevertheless, there have to be some ways around this. If you want to bypass your pin and reset it to a new one, this article will look at some of the ways and tools available for you to unlock your phone and reset your pin.

How to bypass Samsung Account Lock Screen

There are two different ways that you can bypass Samsung account lock to get into your Samsung device. The easiest way to bypass the account lock is to use a tool to help you to do so – there’s various options, but 4uKey is probably the most well known.

There’s also the method to bypass Samsung account lock screens by using your emergency calls. Here’s how to do both in a little more depth.

Method 1: Use 4uKey to reset the Samsung account lock

If you have the same Samsung account with Google Account then you can try the tool 4uKey, this is a program designed to remove your Samsung account lock.

The steps below using 4uKey should aid you in unlocking your Google Account lock and get you back on your way to set up your phone, or just back into your phone in general.

  1. Download 4uKey for Samsung on your computer
  2. Open the tool that comes with the program.
  3. Connect your phone using your USB cable.
  4. Choose ‘Remove Google Lock[FRP]’
  5. This will take you to a new screen.
  6. Choose the ‘System Version.’
  7. Choose ‘Send Notification.’
  8. You will now get a notification on your phone.
  9. View the notification.
  10. Here you can set a pin by following the instructions on the screen.
  11. This can differ from phone to phone, so carefully follow the instructions provided.
  12. Wait a few minutes after the process is complete and restart your phone.
  13. Now use the pin you set during the instructions.

Bypass Samsung’s account lock with emergency calls

You can bypass the Samsung account lock using the privacy tab on your phone. This requires you to connect to Wi-Fi during the process and take out your sim card before you attempt to follow this process.

Below are the steps detailing how you can use Emergency Calls to unlock your Samsung account.

1) Turn your phone on.
2) When prompted choose your preferred language and choose ‘Start.’
3) Tap on the ‘Emergency Call’ option.
4) Dial 000 and tap the ‘Call’ button.
5) Choose the three dots.
6) Go to ‘Contacts.’
7) Go to the next screen.
8) Tap ‘Emergency Call.’
9) Here you will be prompted with the ‘Home Button.’
10) Slide to tap ‘OK.’
11) Go to the ‘Keypad.’
12) Choose the ‘Mic’ option.
13) Go to ‘Google App’ and choose ‘OK.’
14) Say ‘Ok Google’ and then say ‘Turn On Wi-Fi’ to Google Assistance.
15) Type settings into the search panel on Google and choose ‘Enter.’
16) Select the ‘Settings’ menu.
17) Scroll down to choose ‘Select Back-up and ‘Reset’ and then follow the process below:
a. Factory Settings > Reset Phone > Delete All.
18) Now enter the information to confirm your choice.
19) Go back to the first page where ‘Samsung Account Lock Screen’ is located.
20) Enter your Samsung account information.

PLEASE NOTE: If your phone is asking to activate, you can go to ‘Use Wi-Fi’ then follow the instructions provided on the screen to bypass the Samsung Account. You do need to connect to Wi-Fi with your Samsung phone for this to work. If the above steps haven’t worked then you can go back to ‘Settings Wi-Fi Page’ and choose ‘Next.’


In conclusion, if you have bought a second-hand phone or just forgotten your passcode above we have looked at a couple of methods on how to deal with bypassing your Samsung Account Lock.

Hopefully, now you are back into your phone and you have reset your password and are able to now get into your phone with no problems.

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