How to Catch Dragonite in Pokémon Go: Tips and Tricks

In the ever-evolving world of Pokémon Go, Dragonite remains one of the most sought-after and iconic Pokémon.

Known for its formidable strength and majestic appearance, Dragonite is a must-have for trainers aspiring to conquer gyms and excel in battles.

But how does one catch this elusive and powerful dragon-type Pokémon?

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the steps to increase your chances of adding Dragonite to your Pokédex.

How to Catch Dragonite in Pokémon Go

Understanding Dragonite’s Spawn Rate

Before diving into the methods of capturing Dragonite, it’s crucial to understand its spawn rate.

Dragonite is a rare Pokémon, often found in specific areas. Waterfronts, large parks, and places designated as nests for Dratini (Dragonite’s first evolution) are hotspots for encountering this creature.

Keep an eye on local community forums or social media groups where fellow trainers might share Dragonite sightings.

Using Lures and Incense Strategically

Lures and incense are valuable tools in attracting Pokémon, including Dragonite.

While lures are attached to PokéStops and benefit all players in the vicinity, incense works individually, drawing Pokémon to your location.

For optimal results, use these items in areas known for Dragonite appearances.

Remember, using a lure during specific in-game events can increase the spawn rate of rare Pokémon, including Dragonite.

Participating in Events and Raids

Niantic, the developer of Pokémon Go, frequently hosts events that increase the spawn rate of certain Pokémon.

Keep an eye out for events that focus on dragon-type Pokémon, as these significantly boost your chances of encountering Dragonite.

Additionally, Dragonite occasionally appears in raids. Participating in these raids not only gives you a chance to catch Dragonite but also to battle alongside other trainers, enhancing the Pokémon Go experience.

Evolving Dratini or Dragonair

If catching a wild Dragonite proves challenging, consider evolving one from Dratini or Dragonair, its earlier forms.

Dratini, being more common, can be found in the same areas as Dragonite.

Collecting Dratini candy through catches, hatches, and walking with Dratini as your buddy can eventually lead to enough candy to evolve it into Dragonite.

Maximizing Catch Success

Best Pokéballs to Use

When you do encounter Dragonite, the type of Pokéball you use can significantly impact your success rate.

Ultra Balls and Great Balls offer a higher catch rate than standard Pokéballs.

For an even higher success rate, use a Razz Berry or a Golden Razz Berry before throwing a ball to make Dragonite easier to catch.

Mastering the Curveball

Mastering the curveball throw can further increase your chances of catching Dragonite.

Curveballs, when executed correctly, not only add an XP bonus but also improve catch rates.

Practice your curveball technique on more common Pokémon to prepare for that critical encounter with Dragonite.

Timing and Precision

Timing is crucial when attempting to catch Dragonite. Watch for its attack animation and throw your Pokéball as it finishes to avoid having your ball swatted away.

Aim for the shrinking colored circle; landing a ball inside the circle when it is smaller increases the likelihood of a successful catch.

Final Tips and Tricks

Utilizing Community Resources

Leverage community resources like local Pokémon Go Facebook groups, Discord servers, or Reddit forums.

These platforms often have real-time updates on Dragonite sightings and can be invaluable in your quest.

Weather Boosts

Pay attention to the in-game weather. Dragonite, being a dragon and flying type, gets a boost in windy weather, making it more likely to appear.

Additionally, Pokémon caught during weather boosts come with higher CP and better stats.

Patience and Persistence

Lastly, patience and persistence are key. Catching Dragonite may take multiple attempts and a bit of luck.

Stay persistent in your efforts, and eventually, you will add this majestic dragon to your collection.


Catching Dragonite in Pokémon Go is a rewarding challenge for any trainer.

By understanding spawn rates, utilizing lures and incense strategically, participating in events and raids, and mastering the art of the Pokéball throw, you increase your chances of capturing this elusive Pokémon.

Remember to leverage community resources, take advantage of weather boosts, and above all, stay patient and persistent in your quest.

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